Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection Nail Polish Is Here

Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection Nail Polish Is Here !

Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection Nail Polish Is Here

Holo Taco (Electric Holos Collection) by Simply Nailogical just released her new Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection nail polish. Which features five new shades and also comes in a limited edition. If You are a nail lover you must know Simplynailogical, She is a very famous nail YouTuber. She just launched her newest collection. I personally love every collection of her.

According to Simplynailogical, The amount of holo in this set will shock you! they’re bringing big holo energy to your summer nail game with the Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection. Charge up your nails with five new vibrant linear holographic polishes that come in an electric-themed limited edition collector’s box.

Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection

all shades of Holo Taco Electric Holos Collection

Holo Taco Electric Holos

Set includes:

  • Hot-Wire Pink
  • Electrostatic
  • Hydropower
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Full Charge

About Products-

Holo Taco new collection of 2021

  • Linear holographic polishes with an intense holographic effect in seven different pastel colors of the rainbow.
  • Full coverage in 2 to 3 coats.
  • The smooth formula removes easily with nail polish remover.
  • Transformation tip: Try layering a holographic topper (Flakie, Scattered, or Linear) for double the rainbows, or a Unicorn Skin topper for a magical Holo Taco Combo!
  • Pro glossy tip: Finish off with a Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco to achieve that glossy finish and also make your mani last longer without chipping.
  • Designed by Simply Nailogical
  • Made in the USA of globally sourced ingredients
  • 12ml / 0.4 fl oz each


holo taco products are so good

  • A very unique product that gives you the chance for a great new look!
  • The consistency is not too thick, unlike other variants in this category.
  • A lot of quantity for the price
  • Functions as a good top and also makes the nail chip resistant.
  • Dries nail paint very quickly. Also…

Hot-Wire Pink-

Hot-Wire Pink

When the holo is so strong it can Hot-Wire Pink a motor vehicle. This hot pink polish is like a joyride in a pink sports car on a rainbow road. Powered by 100% real linear holographic pigments.

  • The linear holographic formula in a pastel cool-toned purple shade.
  • Full coverage in 2 to 3 coats.
  • The smooth formula removes easily with nail polish remover.

Electrostatic – black

Electrostatic - black

Call your electricity provider because there’s been a holo blackout and this polish is responsible. Electrostatic is a striking black linear holographic polish with a slight purple-leaning undertone that puts a rainbow spark in a dark black base. Your soul can finally relax because you now have a nail polish to match it.

Hydropower- sky blue

Hydropower- sky blue

Paint your nails for that Hydropower drip. This unique aqua linear holographic polish will have your eyeballs riding the holo waves on loop. That’s some big holo energy.

Circuit Breaker – silver

Circuit Breaker - silver

Oops, we packed so much holo in this polish we may cause a power surge… guess we’re a Circuit Breaker. The holo current in this classic silver linear holographic polish might overload the electrical grid. Don’t worry, your nails will look amazing with just your phone flash.

Full Charge

Full Charge

We love it when our nails hit Full Charge. This electric lime green polish is wired with linear holographic pigment. You won’t need a battery backup with this shade.

Note: super-pigmented shades like this one may cause staining depending on the porousness of the nail and also the use of a protective base coat like Smoothing Base or Long-Lasting Base. Swatch photos as pictured have one coat of Glossy Taco and also Super Glossy Taco for optimal smoothness and also shine. All shades are so beautiful. I personally love her collection. Also…

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