Live Love Polish A Taste of Forever Collection Is Here !

Live Love Polish A Taste of Forever Collection Is Here !

Live Love Polish A Taste of Forever Collection Is Here !

Live Love polish latest release called Live Love Polish A Taste of Forever Collection ($45.00). Wow, I am so excited to be sharing a bunch of photos of the brand new Live Love Polish A Taste of Forever Collection! I am so blessed to review this amazing LLP collection. I love this brand. for me, this is the best magnet nail polish brand. These four iridescent and shimmering jelly polishes shade is so beautiful.

Just go and check out the Live Love Polish official site, it’s available now. I love this shade and especially love how it looks like. bold and glossy.

A Taste of Forever Collection-


Spiral into obsession as bitter desire consumes all that you knew… four shades evolve into darkness, channeling the slow descent into discord. Like hazy fragments of fond memories lost, scattered among the rose-tinted bliss — fall deep into our half-dreamt love story.

The light of my eyes, my only obsession — when the bliss of eternal love is more or less than you expected. Capture the ever-changing nature of desire with these four iridescent and shimmering jelly polishes.

A Taste of Forever collection includes four iridescent jelly flake polishes with a strong shimmer:

A Taste of Forever Collection

  • Eternal Infatuation
  • Unforgiven
  • Distorted Paradise
  • Wrathful Devotion.


Store your polish in a cool, dark place to keep it looking and applying its best! Polish exposed to too much heat or sunlight may change its color and also consistency over time.


This nail polish dries textured. We recommend applying a clear topcoat over the nail polish for a smooth, longer-lasting mani!

Wrathful Devotion

A Taste of Forever Collection

Grasping for brief moments with both hands, but cursed as life threatens to tear it all apart. Vast, deep and also overwhelmingly rich, this bitter blue shade is one that you’ll want to stand by.

Wrathful Devotion is a deep navy jelly polish with jade and cobalt iridescent flakes.


A Taste of Forever Collection swatches- live love polish

Sore memories linger on, and hopeful dreams just aren’t enough. A sad-yet-sweet lavender shade, shimmering bright with the promise of all that could have been.

Unforgiven is a misty lavender jelly polish with violet and also scarlet iridescent flakes and sky blue shimmer.

Distorted Paradise

A Taste of Forever Collection REVIEW

Lose yourself in the twisted bliss of this sage shade. Shattered reflections and also flawless shimmer paint an uneasy portrait of a fruitless forever.

Distorted Paradise is a hazy sage green jelly polish with jade and gold iridescent flakes and antique gold shimmer.

Eternal Infatuation

A Taste of Forever Collection 2

Beauty that will never fade, and a fixation that will never die. This whisper pink shade will hold a place in your heart until the end of time.

Eternal Infatuation is a pale rosebud pink jelly polish with fuchsia and also magenta iridescent flakes and scarlet shimmer.

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