Clean Nail Art Brush - How To Clean Your Nail Art Brushes!

Clean Nail Art Brush – How To Clean Your Nail Art Brushes!

Clean Nail Art Brush - How To Clean Your Nail Art Brushes!

Clean nail art brush is a very important part of doing nail art.  Nail art brushes are one of the most important tools of the nail trade. If you’ve ever reached for a brush and also found a clump of dried product. You probably understand how important regular cleaning is. To keep your nail art brushes in great condition, wipe your brushes frequently as you apply gel polish. Once you finish a set, clean all of the product out of the bristles so the brushes will be ready for nail art at a moment’s notice.

Today, I wanted to share how to clean nail art brushes since it’s one of the more popular questions I get asked. It’s super easy! I’ll also share some extra tips on how to care for your brushes so you can keep them looking brand new!


Nail Art Brush Cleaning Tips-

What You’ll Need

  • Dirty nail brushes (duh!)
  • A bottle of non-acetone nail polish thinner (no, it’s not the same thing as nail polish remover)
  • A disposable plastic cup
  • A piece of paper or inexpensive towel

Step One: Gather Your Dirty Brushes

Make sure you gather up all of your dirty acrylic brushes because this is one pool party where each and every brush should take a dip.

Step Two: Create a Brush “Bath”

Pour a few drops of nail polish thinner into a disposable plastic cup. Dip your nail brushes one at a time into the solution, being sure to swirl each brush around so all the bristles are submerged. Do not, and we repeat DO NOT, try to use acetone nail polish remover in place of nail polish thinner. Acetone will weaken your brush bristles, causing them to fall out over time.

Step Three: Wipe Clean and Lay Flat to Dry

After dipping each brush in the nail polish thinner, wipe them on a clean piece of paper or towel to remove the color. Repeat as necessary, reshape each brush, and then lay them flat to dry.

Step Four: Avoid Water

Tempting as it may be, you’ll want to avoid rinsing your nail art brushes underwater after you’ve used nail polish thinner. Doing so will cause the thinner to ball up and stick to your brushes.

Step Five: Admire Your Handiwork In Awe

Congratulations on having cleaned your nail art brushes! Not only can you now create unique manicures and pedicures that will be the envy of all your friends, Danny Tanner of Full House fame just may give you the world’s biggest hug. Um, can you say nailing it?

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How to Care For Your Brushes – Clean Nail Art Brush

how to clean nail art brush at home in quartine time

Fill a shallow dish with some monomer nail liquid

Leave your brushes to soak – it might take anywhere from 2 hours to overnight, depending on how stubborn the acrylic is

Gently rinse the bristles with warm water

Lie your brushes horizontally on a towel and allow them to completely air dry

Once dry, give them another soak in some fresh monomer for a further 2 hours

Again, lie them flat on a towel and allow the monomer to dry naturally

This process should remove most general product build-up. However, if your brush is really clogged up with lumps, it may be that your mix ratio isn’t quite right. Check the instructions of your nail acrylics to be sure you are achieving the right consistency.

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