Is Nail Polish Bad For Nails ? Nail Polish Gone Bad

Is Nail Polish Bad For Nails ? Nail Polish Gone Bad

Is Nail Polish Bad For Nails ? Nail Polish Gone Bad

Is Nail Polish Bad For Nails ? Nail polish is not strictly bad for your nails. Actually, there are some benefits to wearing polish, other than the aesthetic. Nail polish prevents water from being absorbed and therefore can be protective. Dr. Dana Stern, A board-certified dermatologist who specializes in nail care, tells Bustle. “It also binds the nail cells together. So nails are less likely to fray and split. So when we talk about nail polish that’s good for your nails, we really mean nail polish that’s free of toxic ingredients.

The good quality standard brands aren’t bad. Some products even improve nail health by forming a protective layer on top, thus reducing breakage. However, the not-so-good brands may contain cheaper and toxic alternatives which may harm the nails!

Ordinary nail polish doesn’t damage your nails. There have been a few occasions where the polish has been made fraudulently or incorrectly, and that can damage your nails, so always buy polish from a recognized brand or a maker/seller that you trust.

If you aren’t too squeamish, do a Google image search for “Mentality nail polish damage” to see what damage incorrectly formulated polish can do. I believe that eventually, all this damage grew out, so was not permanent. I’d also like to say that by far the overwhelming majority of indie polish makers are safe, careful, and test their polishes, so please don’t let this put you off indie polishes.

Nail Polish Good Or Bad:

Polishes with a lot of strong pigments can stain your nails, but although unsightly there’s no actual damage. Always use a good base coat to protect your nails from staining.

Removing polish can damage your nails if not done properly. Never pick or leave polish to chip off. It can chip off the top levels of your nail plate with it, and that is damage that can only grow out. Don’t be tempted to pick off glitter either – that can adhere really strongly and increases the damage to the nail plate of picked or levered off.

How I save My Nails From Nail Polish Harsh Chemical

Just follow these tips :

1. Use good quality nail colors.
2. Always coat your nails with a clear base coat before applying the color, it prevents the color from damaging your nail bed.
3. Always finish off your manicure with a top coat of clear nail polish, which will help to longer preserve your creation.
4. Nail polish removers have few unpleasant side effects because of chemicals being used so, wash your hands and massage your nails with moisturizing cream after removing the polish.
5. Don’t wear colors for more than a week it will dry out your nails.

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