Cloud Nail Art Design Ideas Pictures - Trending Cloud Nails For 2021

Cloud Nail Art Design Ideas Pictures – Trending Cloud Nails For 2022

Cloud Nail Art Design Ideas Pictures - Trending Cloud Nails For 2021

Cloud nail art is currently trending on social media. We can’t help but feel calm whenever we see a new cloud manicure with a dreamy design. Whether you want to DIY some cloud nail look, bring some inspiration to your next socially-distanced nail appointment, or simply scroll through for the good vibes. We gathered our favorite cloud nail art mani ahead. The latest Cloud nail art trend is made for daydreamers and also stargazers.

Make your daydreams of a cloud mani come true, and scroll through some of the very best takes on the trend below.

Cloud Nail Art Design Ideas Pictures-

Dreamy Acrylics

If you’re team acrylics, rest assured you can take part in this nail trend. We love this manicure. Between the soft lilac-pink shade and iridescent swirls, plus the addition of jewels. We can’t help but smile.

Cloud Nail Art Design Ideas Pictures

A Soft, Simple Mani

nude nail art designs for 2021

If you love a soft, simple manicure, you can’t go wrong with this look. The natural base polish allows the clouds to be the star of the show without looking overwhelming.

Nail Art Design Ideas cloud

Clear Blue Cloud-

Cloud Nails ideas images

This nail art look reminds us of a sunny and also summer afternoon so of course, we’re into it. If you’re looking to recreate it at home, try using Essie Take the Lead as your base and also employing some nail brushes to help create the clouds.

Cloud Nail Art Design Idea-

Cloud Nails


Just like how a crisp sunny day makes our winter mornings a lot better, getting this beautiful manicure does just that. The beautiful combination of pastel pink and blue makes this manicure look extremely soothing to the eyes, while the textured white clouds provide the perfect contrast.

Short Nails-

summer nail art design easy and simple for 2021 cloudnailartWho says people with short nails cannot sport trendy nail art designs? We love the beautiful grey-colored base along with the white clouds that are giving this design a very life-like appearance.

Day Dream-

fake nail summer nail art design easy and simple for 2021 cloudnailart

For those of you who like to go a little OTT with their manicure designs, we have found the perfect inspiration for you. The combination of cloud nails and glitter is what celestial dreams are made of.

Pink and White Cloud Manicure-

This beautiful shimmery pink and white cloud manicure reminds us of the calmness of watching a sunset from the mountain top. The shimmery pink base makes for a beautiful contrast against the white cloudy texture and is an extremely wearable design.
cloud-nail-art-picture Nail Art Design Ideas for April 2021 CloudNailArt
Ombré Cloud Nails-
An ombré design can take any look to the next level, including cloud nail art. While you can choose any two colors you want, we love this light purple and blue combination for a calming vibe.

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