OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Review Swatches & Images

OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Review Swatches & Images

OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Review Swatches & Images

OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer (15ml)

OPI Funny Bunny- A sheer soft white nail polish, This soft white shade of nail lacquer with a sheer consistency is as fluffy as a cloud. The pigment-rich performance leaves a lasting impression on both the user and the beholder and makes them a favorite among those who love a good manicure but can’t be bothered about caring for their color every day.


OPI is committed to creating products with a focus on innovation while adhering to stringent norms of safety. O.P.I offers a full line of professional items including nail treatments finishing products lotions, manicure/pedicure products, files, tools, and acrylics. The brand is dedicated to delivering affordable luxury to the fashionably forward.

The Colour-

This perfectly polished white lacquer will make a great addition to your neutral polish kit. Its sheer coverage makes it suitable for layering with other colors or wearing alone. Flaunt this shade in as many avatars as you like to fetch endless compliments.

The Formula-

O.P.I’s name is consistent with a deep focus on industry safety standards. The nail lacquers provide complete coverage in 2 strokes.


OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Review

A soft, elegant white with a sheer finish for an added “wow” effect.

Look sleek and classy, no matter the setting.

OPI’s Infinite Shine is a three-step long-lasting nail polish line that provides gel-like high shine and also 11 days of wear.

Use with Infinite Shine Primer and also Infinite Shine Gloss for extended wear.

Made in the USA.

How to Apply OPI Funny Bunny-

OPI Funny Bunny Nail Lacquer Nail Polish Images

Want polished perfection? Follow these steps for a manicure that lasts:

Step 1: Start by applying O.P.I Natural Nail Base Coat on clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back.

Step 2: Apply the first coat of O.P.I Nail lacquer with 1 stroke down the center of the nail, followed by 1 stroke along each side of the nail. Smoothen the surface of the nail with a final stroke of the brush. Then, apply a second coat of O.P.I Nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails.

Step 3: Shine, seal and protect with one coat of O.P.I Top Coat over the nail. And also Don’t forget to cap the nail’s free edge to keep color from chipping!

Quick Hack: When in a rush, cheat your way to that runway look by brushing on just 2 coats of O.P.I nail lacquer.

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