Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don'ts Pedicure Tips

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do’s & Don’ts Pedicure Tips

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don'ts Pedicure Tips

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain- Ingrown Toenails are a common condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into the soft flesh. The result is pain, swelling, and redness Sometimes, an infection. Ingrown toenails usually affect your big toe.

In a simple way, A condition in which the corner or side of a toenail grows into the flesh called Ingrown Toenail.

The good news is that there are many conventional and surgical methods that can remove this problem. But the problem is, this treatment is so expensive. You don’t have to worry, Those who want to skip the expensive and comfortable treatment at a healthcare facility can also solve this problem in their homes.


Ingrown nails are most frequently caused by cutting your toenails too short. Also, this condition can develop on any of your toes or fingers, although it usually affects the big toe.

High heels and Tight-fitting shoes cause the toes to be compressed together and pressure the nail to grow abnormally.

Disorders such as Fungal Infections of the nail can cause a thickened or widened toenail to develop.

Some people are born with larger toe-nails.

If your ingrown nails are connected with a diabetic condition, You need to be extremely careful because Small cuts and grazes can lead to serious complications.

Fungal infections and bacteria can change the skin tissue and thicken and widen the nail.

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain


1- Soak your feet in warm, soapy water

Soak your feet in warm, soapy water

Use a large bowl or your bathtub to soak your foot. This will help reduce swelling and tenderness. Soak it for about 15 minutes. Repeat 3-4 times per day until your nail has grown out. Soaking the affected foot may help reduce swelling and ease the pain. Castile soap is a good option. Adding Epsom salts to the water may bring additional relief.

Prepare a basin of warm water combined with 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. Soak the affected foot for up to 20 minutes daily. Dry your foot thoroughly after soaking. Gently massage the affected area. This will help water soak into the ingrown toenail, which will help clear out bacteria and may relieve swelling and pain.

2-Place Cotton Under Your Toenail-

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain - Place Cotton Under Your Toenail

Wedge a small piece of wet cottons, such as part of a cotton ball, under the corner of your ingrown nail. This will help lift the nail off of the skin. Soak your toe and change the piece of cotton each day until the nail grows out and can be trimmed.

Don’t dig too much into your toenail. You can cause more infections, which may require medical intervention. Also, if you cut your toenail, don’t rip at it or cause any bleeding, as that will cause more swelling in the area.

3-Take a Pain reliever for ingrown toenail

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) may help relieve ingrown toenail pain. Side effects are unusual unless you take more than the daily recommended amount of 3,000 milligrams daily or you take it with alcohol.

If swelling is present, ibuprofen (Advil) may be a better option because it relieves both pain and swelling. Some common side effects of ibuprofen include abdominal pain, upset stomach, and diarrhea.

Take all over-the-counter pain relievers as directed by the manufacturer or your doctor.

4- Choose sensible footwear –

Tight-fitting shoes or high heels cause the toes to be compressed together and pressure the nail to grow abnormally.

Put on sandals or open-toed shoes until your toe gets healed. Take pain relievers – You can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others), and naproxen sodium (Aleve) to help relieve pain.

Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain how to-

Note- In the last but important, If the problem persists or you observe signs of infection, you need to see a doctor avoid any complications.

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