Holo Taco Dark Rainbow – Dark Rainbow Collection Review & Photos
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Holo Taco Dark Rainbow – Dark Rainbow Collection Review

Holo Taco Dark Rainbow – Dark Rainbow Collection Review & Photos

Holo Taco Dark Rainbow COLLECTION Set Nail Polish ($98.00).

Hello Ladies!! Holo Taco by Simply Nailogical, has just released her new Holo Taco Dark Rainbow Collection Set. The Holo Taco Dark Rainbow Collection comes in a limited edition Chase the dark side of the rainbow with the Holo Taco Dark Rainbow Collection. There are seven vampy holographic shades, that satisfy your dark holo desires. So your nails can glow through the cloudy dark rainbow. These full coverage lush linear holographic polishes go on super smooth and come in a matching dark rainbow limited edition collector’s box.

If You are a nail lover you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber with an amazing personality. She just launched again her newest collection. I personally love her collections. She is an Amazing Person. I love watching her on youtube and Instagram.


holo-taco-Dark-Rainbow collection shades

Set Includes:

  • Lost In The Woods
  • Sunken Secrets
  • Violet Nightmares
  • Dead Petals
  • Crimson Void
  • Burnt Bridges
  • Amber Apathy


holo-taco-Dark-Rainbow collection packging

Linear holographic polishes with an intense holographic effect in seven different dark colors of the rainbow.

Full coverage in 2 coats.

The smooth formula removes easily with nail polish remover.

Designed by Simply Nailogical.

Made in the USA with globally sourced ingredients.

Transformation tip: Try layering a holographic topper (Flakie, Scattered, or Linear) over a dark Skin for a magical Holo Taco Combo, or finish with a coat of Matte Taco over a dark Skin to unlock matte nail mysteries!

Pro glossy tip: Finish off with a Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco to achieve. That glossy finish also makes your mani last longer without chipping. A top coat also will help seal in the Unicorn Skin topper.



Don’t forget your phone if you get Lost In The Woods. Point your flash at this deep hunter-green linear holographic shade and find your way out of the forest. The perfect shade for getting lost. The linear holographic formula in a deep forest green shade. You will get full coverage after 2 coats. The Smooth formula removes easily with nail polish remover.



Dive into the sea in search of Sunken Secrets. Like the deep end of the ocean, this holographic blue shade has a dark sparkle with astonishing depth. Time to sink into a dark blue holo mood. The linear holographic formula is in a dark navy blue shade.

Disclaimer- They have more shades but as you know I don’t haven’t use them yet. So I can’t give you my personal opinion. But about 1 thing I am sure of. These are the best nail polish shades.  so defiantly try it.

Note: super-pigmented shades like this one may cause staining depending on the porousness of the nail and also the use of a protective base coat like Smoothing Base or Long-Lasting Base. Swatch photos as pictured have one coat of Glossy Taco and also Super Glossy Taco for optimal smoothness and also shine. All shades are so beautiful. I personally love her collection. Also…

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