ILNP HARVEST COLLECTION Nail Polish Review, Shades

ILNP HARVEST COLLECTION Nail Polish Review & Shades

ILNP HARVEST COLLECTION Nail Polish Review, Shades

ILNP’s latest release is called ILNP – HARVEST COLLECTION Nail Polish ($60.00). The Harvest Collection is a 6-piece selection of sparkling shades inspired by the rich and warm hues of falling leaves. The comfort of knit sweaters, and the joyful spirit of fall festivities. Classic and warm, Harvest perfectly embodies the signature cozy feeling that accompanies the arrival of the fall season. You can Buy this easily from ILNP online shop.

I must say, You have never seen a collection like this. This harvest collection is especially for the fall season.  It will give you Halloween and anthem vibes. The Harvest Nail Polish magically has a glitter touch which will give your nails a rich look. It doesn’t matter what is your skin shade this will look perfect on you. I really love this polish.  I have dusty skin and I love dark shades and bold shades to apply to my nails. So this is definitely my type. Each color is richly pigmented and packed with glitter. Gorgeous and worn as a skittle or individually. I am 1000% satisfied and happy with this new ILNP collection.


  1. Dakota
  2. Hayride
  3. Pumpkin Patch
  4. Olive Grove
  5. Penny
  6. Autumn


Dakota - ilnp harvest collection

Dakota is a sparkling blackened berry nail polish. Captivating and also rich, Dakota’s deep berry base is intensified by a rush of sparkling radiance. Effortlessly catch the light, glimmering purple and also pink sparkles gleam alongside a twinkling pink shimmer. That shines through the deepened base like festive fairy lights in the night. An exceptional addition to any seasonal ensemble. Dakota is bold in color and also beaming with sparkle. They recommend 2 coats for the ideal finish. I personally like this shade. Purple is always my favorite. 


Autumn - ilnpharvestcollection

This shade Perfect for Autumn reveals an eye-catching red-to-orange-to-gold iridescent shimmer. That effortlessly sparkles within the deepened and also warm brown base.  Inspired by the color-changing leaves of fall wonderfully captures every hue of falling leaves with its medley of dimensional shimmer!


OLIVE GROVE - ilnpharvestcollection

Olive Grove is a flourishing green nail polish with a golden sparkle.

Flashing a luminous sparkle and also yellow-gold shimmer peeks out from within a saturated olive base. Subtly allowing the reflective gold sparkle to make an appearance from within the wash of greenery. Reminiscent of the green leaves that have yet to change. Olive Grove showcases a depth-filled finish that builds with each layer.


Respiratory Transformation- Watch awe as you watch the incredible change from deep midnight black to deep red.

EASY TO REMOVE – These nail polishes wear like iron Enjoy long-lasting coverage with shock-resistant durability. Also, Removing is very easy. Nothing like glitter.

PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Designed with care and also precision.

Only the highest quality. Best performing ingredients go into our nail polishes. We do not cut corners.

100% Vegan – They do not use any animal-derived ingredients in our nail polish. Also, do not test these products on animals.  The color is so beautiful. 

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