5 Best Holographic Nail Polish Colors and Ideas for 2022

5 Best Holographic Nail Polish Colors and Ideas for 2022

5 Best Holographic Nail Polish Colors and Ideas for 2022

Holographic nail polish is an eye-catching new trend that is continuing to grow. Holographic nail polish isn’t too different from regular nail polish. They are the same, except that holographic nail polishes have a pigment, such as Spectraflair, added to them. Spectraflair is a pigment made of aluminum and also magnesium fluoride and also refracts light very well. Which gives it its holographic properties. It is used not just in nail polish, but in dyes as well. Spectraflair and also other holographic pigments come in many varieties and can be bought on their own as well. Holographic polishes come in different varieties, too.

Some are called scattered polishes because the particles in them make a rainbow that isn’t uniform. More rare and coveted are linear holographic pigments, which detract the light in a way that creates a uniform or linear rainbow. Different holographic polishes also have glitter flakes of different sizes. There is something for everyone.

holographic nail polishes look more appealing than your regular french manicured nails. These nail polishes are pigmented and also definitely worth trying. Have a look at our list of the best holographic nail polishes. That we curated for you.

Best Holographic Nail Polishes-

Born Pretty Chameleon Holographic Nail Polish-

Born Pretty Chameleon Holographic Nail Polish

This is a Born Pretty Chameleon nail polish in purple color. The nail lacquer gives an alluring chameleon shift effect. BORN PRETTY offers a diverse range of pretty polishes with fantastic special effects such as Flakies, Reflective Glitters, and Iridescent. They also carry an array of Chameleon nail powders, brushes, false nails, and other accessories. This excellent glittery formula guarantees one stroke application that delivers a perfect shiny effect.

ILNP Ava – Vivid Violet Nail Polish-

ILNP Ava - Vivid Violet Holographic Nail Polish

Ava is a stunningly vivid violet holographic nail polish with an incredibly rich and saturated finish. Ava’s jelly-leaning formula creates stunning levels of depth with each successive coat! Each stroke will bless your nails with radiant layers of intense red shimmer and glowing gold micro-flakes. An incredible combination of dark and vibrant, Ava is a must-have!


MISSED-SHIFT holo taco

Shift into gear with a cool coat of car paint but for your nails. Missed-Shift is a multi-chrome polish that begins as a vibrant cool green and whips through shades of teal before striking purple at the right angle. Be careful not to pop the clutch with the coolest nails in the garage.

moon cat Boa Constrictor-

moon cat boa constrictor

BOA CONSTRICTOR is a chocolate linear holographic lacquer. from the HEAVY IS THE CROWN collection. The holographic glint of its slithering chocolate brown scales is a thing of legend. but should this slinking predator emerge far enough from the brush-lined shadows for you to fully behold it, it’ll already be far too late. try as you might wriggle away from its ever-winding coil, you’ll never truly be able to free yourself from its hypnotic grasp.

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