Here's What We Know About The 'Light Blue Nails' Trend on TikTok

Here’s What We Know About The ‘Light Blue Nails’ Trend on TikTok

Here's What We Know About The 'Light Blue Nails' Trend on TikTok

Light Blue Is trending all over TikTok in a few days. Do you know Why? Read This Article-

Note- As You know Tiktok Ban in India, so I can’t share The Trending videos of the related ” Light Blue Nails Challenge” I Hope You Understand. But you can check on TikTok with #lightbluenailschallenge

Over the past few weeks, a new trend has been taking over TikTok called the LightBlueNails Challenge.

The trend involves asking your boyfriend what color nails you should get when you next go to the salon, but why?

Well, apparently men ALWAYS say ‘#lightbluenails’, and TikTok users are trying to prove this theory.

It’s unclear whether men know what the color symbolizes, or whether it’s just a bizarre coincidence, but all men seem to say light blue, and it’s actually pretty creepy.

What is the Light Blue Nails Trend?

We all know that trends on TikTok are fast-paced and will probably be old news within a week’s time. That brings us to the light blue nails question. Basically, a ton of people are asking their partners an innocent question: “What color should I get my nails done?” Apparently, everyone has the same mindset because the answer is almost always “#lightbluenailschallenge.” It’s Interesting Right…

You’re probably thinking “What? There’s no way all these different people choose light blue.

Well~ personally if someone asks me to choose I will also choose sky blue or maybe mint color.

When you go to the nail salon, which color do you like to get? Red? White? Pink? You just choose a color that you think is cute, right?

Well, if you’re a fan of blue nails, you’re never going to look at the color the same way again.

Why is it all over TikTok?

Right now there are two types of light blue nails videos going around. The first is people saying they can’t do hot girl summer because they have light blue nails aka they’re not single.

Sorry, I can’t share with you the videos.

The second type of video is girls asking their boyfriends what color they should get their nails painted and 99 percent of the time they say light blue.

Why? Why do they always pick this color? There’s literally a whole rainbow of colors.

Just think and comment below. What color you will choose? Why is Everyone choosing the same shade?

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