How to Fix a Broken Nail With A Tea Bag | Fix Broken Nails

How to Fix a Broken Nail With A Tea Bag | Fix Broken Nails

How to Fix a Broken Nail With A Tea Bag | Fix Broken Nails


Fixing a broken nail with a tea bag is very trending these days. I personally love this DIY. Teabag is easily found in everyone’s house & It’s also very easy to use. This method takes only 10 minutes to mend the nail together. So you won’t take much time to use it… 

Reason for nail broken?

 Don’t you just hate it when one of your nails breaks? A split nail is usually caused by physical stress, nutrient deficiency, wear and also tear. Split nails can be a problem, especially if you work with your hands. Although split nails are completely normal and also sometimes unavoidable, there are ways you can also prevent split nails in the future.

Luckily… We’ve got a so easy trick to fix your nail With a teabag. Try these Tips and fix your nail easily. 

How To Fixing Broken Nail With Tea Bag-

The tea bag is one of the most popular and easier ways to fix broken nails. As I know about this, It’s a great trick if you have a large break or crack. Fix Broken Nail. 

What you’ll need:

Step1: First for Fixing Broken nails with a teabag, start with clean, polish-free nails.

Step2: Cut the tea bag to the length and width to cover the crack or break in your nail.

Step3: Now, Cover the crack or break with a little bit of nail glue.

Step4: OK… Carefully, perhaps using tweezers, place the teabag over the crack or break.

Step5: After this, Allow it to dry completely.

Step6: Using a buffer, gently smooth out the surface of the nail.

Step7: After the clear polish has dried you can polish it with the color of your choice to camouflage the teabag.

Fixing Broken Nail - How To Fix Broken Nail With Tea Bag


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