Types Of Nail Art Brushes

Nail Brush – 9 Types Of Nail Art Brushes And How To Use Them

9 Types Of Nail Art Brushes And How To Use Them

Nail Art Brush We all love doing nail art but for perfect nail art! we need a Nail brush. Without A nail brush, we can’t do make designs like flowers, dotted, lines. Nail art is that in which we use different types of brush for making a perfect design on the nails.

Nails Brush gives you what you needed to create beautiful nail art designs for that professional look.  Nail art brushes come in different interesting pieces and we can each set can be further divided into 10 parts.

Nail Art Brush-

Here we will talk about 10 different types of brushes and In which each brush has its own work. They all make different designs. So let’s know about their names and how do they work.

Types Of Nail Art Brushes

Types Of Nail Art Brushes-

  1. Liner Brush
  2. Shader Brush
  3. Fan Brush
  4. Marbler (Dotter) Brush
  5. Angular Brush
  6. Crooked Detailer Brushes
  7. Detailer Brush
  8. Striper Brush
  9. Grass Comb Brush

Liner Brush-

Liner Brush

This type of brush has a short length. You can use this brush in different ways.

Example- Outlining of images, for creating a straight line and striping stroke patterns. You can also use them to make animal patterns such as zebra or tiger prints.

If you buy it online, you get 3 different types of brushes in 3 different sizes. Also, You can draw any beautiful painting or 3D painting as you like.

Shader Brush-

Shader Brush

This brush is also known as a flat brush. This type of brush has short with the square endpoint. These brushes help in creating long fluid strokes on the nails. You can also use this for the blending of colors and shading.

A set of these brushes normally contains two or three brushes.

Fan Brush-

Fan Brush

Fan brush has many functions. It has a medium length brush with many functions such as create a gradient effect, mix the color, airbrush effect also. These brushes help to be used for creating swirls and trying out different kinds of aesthetic stroke effects.

You can create a beautiful stroke effect with the help of this brush. You can also, use this brush if you intend to spread some glitter over your nails.

Marbler (Dotter) Brush-

Marbler (Dotter) Brush

This type of brush has a round shape with a thick point. It has a very small head tip which helps in creating many small dotted effects on the nails.

Also, By using Marbler brush we can mix the blend color together and make interesting designs.

Angular Brush-

Angular Brush

These brushes also have flat, short length brush. It used for detailed design as well as slant angled shapes.  This brush is easy to use and does not require much expertise.

Basically this brush helps in one stroke nail art flowers on the nail.

Crooked Detailer Nail Art Brush-

Crooked Detailer Brushes

Crooked Detailer Brush has a short length round brush. By this brush, we can easily paint and outlines and also for the highlights. You can also use this brush used for outlining very long nails.

Detailer Brush-

Detailer Brush

As the name, this brush is used for adding details to your nail design and it has a very good precision effect. Detailer Brush has flat composition & short bristles.

Its use for drawing delicate flowers as well as the petal of the flower can easily fill with the color.

Striper Nail Art Brush-

Striper Brush

Striper Brush has a round shape and pointed tip with long bristles. By using this brush you can create, horizontal or vertical lines.

Grass Comb Brush-

Grass Comb Brush

This type of brush has a flat, short length brush. It has great techniques by this we can create airbrush effects, grass, feathers e.t.c.


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