Nails Inc Relationship Status: Blushing Collection is Here

Nails Inc Relationship Status: Blushing Collection is Here

Nails Inc Relationship Status: Blushing Collection is Here

Nails Inc latest release called Nails Inc Relationship Status: Blushing (£22.00).

Nails Inc comes with pink with envy! Use this four-piece nail polish set to create a blushing gradient on your nails by painting each tip with a different tone of pink.  It’s a rose-tinted view on the cult ombré nail trend.

Nails.INC has taken mani matters into their hands to welcome their cleanest recruits yet: PLANT POWER. A revolutionary 73% Plant-Based nail polish collection, every shade is 21 free (free from formaldehyde, acetone) parabens and also 18 other ingredients. It’s cruelty-free and also halal-friendly.

Nails Inc Relationship Status: Blushing Shades:

Nails Inc Relationship Status- Blushing Shades

VICTORIA EMBANKMENT – is a light pink shade.

DOVER STREET – is a rouge pink shade.

ST CHRISTOPHER’S PLACE – is a neon pink shade.

THE STRAND – is a rich berry shade.

The collection is the kindest and also purest formulation yet. With no compromise on colour quality or wears time. They have also switched up the iconic cap for a recyclable and also sustainable eco-friendly 100% FSC ash wooden cap worn on top of the Nails.INC staple Venetian glass bottle. Become part of the Plant Power revolution as they make sure your nails are happy and healthy whilst looking after our planet too.

Each shade is fully pigmented with a full cover payoff, designed to be worn together for a fresh take on the ombré manicure. Each can be applied easily to create an immaculate finish and also a wide hugging brush exclusive to Nails.INC, ergonomically designed to work with the shape of the nail and also minimize the number of strokes required.

How To Apply-

Nails Inc Relationship Status - Blushing

1. Apply your favourite Nails.INC base coat.
2. Apply THE STRAND to your thumb and also baby finger.
3. Apply DOVER STREET to your forefinger, followed by VICTORIA EMBANKMENT on your middle finger and also lastly ST CHRISTOPHER’S PLACE to your ring finger creating a bright and also blushing gradient.
4. Apply your favourite Nails.INC top coat to keep your colour looking fresh.

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