Mooncat Once Upon a Fairytale Set Collection Shades Review -
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Mooncat Once Upon a Fairytale Set Collection Shades Review

Mooncat Once Upon a Fairytale Set Collection Shades Review -

Mooncat- This is my first time with the moon cat nail polish collection. Today I am reviewing Moon cat “Once upon a Fairytale Set” Collection which consists of 5 gorgeous shifty shades.  Read on for live swatches, photos, reviews, and purchase info!

Moon Cat has the following things to say about the collection:


…in a not-so-faraway land, whisperings of magical new lacquers have begun echoing through the dew-crested hollows. follow the meandering brook, + duck just beyond the corkscrew willows, + you, too, may find yourself at the center of a truly enchanting tale. One of five special effect lacquers, each wielding unique charms. Ready to turn the page on the mundane + enter a world of pure fantasy?


Price- $64.00


The ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE SET includes five special effect lacquers:

  1. A MIDSUMMER’S DREAM, an iridescent pink jelly with blue shimmer,
  2. MOON FAIRY, a pink-lavender jelly with iridescent flakies, indigo shimmer, + micro holo glitter, IF
  3. FROGS HAD WINGS, an aqua jelly with pink shimmer + iridescent flakies,
  4. INTO THE WISHING WELL, a deep periwinkle shade with iridescent shimmer + micro holo glitter,
  5. FIREFLY FOREST, a rich violet jelly with iridescent flakies.

Note: A MIDSUMMER’S DREAM has an intentionally ethereal sheerness. That helps give it a whimsical and delicate appearance. MOON FAIRY and IF FROGS HAD WINGS look most magical when viewed in the shade or overcast conditions.

application: used alone, this lacquer will have a textured finish when dry. we recommend topping it off with our MATTE MADE IN HELL or SPEED DEMON TOP COAT for a silky smooth, long-lasting finish.


Think of moon cat nail lacquers like vampires. They feel most at home in cool, dark places. Store them accordingly to keep them looking and applying their best. lacquer exposed to too much heat or sunlight may change in color or consistency over time…and just have generally bad vibes.size: 12ml


INTO THE WISHING WELL - Mooncat nail polish review

Close your eyes. make a wish. and toss your most closely held fancies into existence aback glittering pieces of gold, watching as your wishes tumble through this enchanted periwinkle pool, rippling with electrified green, pink, and yellow hints of your soon-to-be manifested magic.

INTO THE WISHING WELL is a deep periwinkle lacquer filled with micro holographic glitter and bright pink, soft yellow, and electric green iridescent shimmer. from the ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE set.


A MIDSUMMER'S DREAM - Mooncat nail polish review


You’ve been hit by cupid’s arrow. Fan the moonbeams from your sleeping eyes, as you coast through a romantic, rose-colored haze. That’s shimmering with a blushing blue wink of midday magic. Though this lacquer is but little, it is fierce, with an intoxicating iridescent sheen. That’ll leave you utterly lovestruck.

A MIDSUMMER’S DREAM is an iridescent soft pink jelly lacquer filled with bright blue shimmer. This is From the ONCE UPON A FAIRYTALE set.

note: This shade has an intentionally ethereal sheerness that helps give it a whimsical and delicate appearance.

More Info about the product- Click here 

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