Clear Jelly Stamper Nail Art Stamping Kit Review

Clear Jelly Stamper Nail Art Stamping Kit Review

Clear Jelly Stamper Nail Art Stamping Kit Review

Clear Jelly Stamper–  Nail Stamping can quickly and easily create amazing and complex nail art but it can be a very technical art. It will take learned over the years that using high-quality stamping tools and equipment such as using the right nail stamper can significantly make the process easier. For easy to use  I have a stamper in my mind. It’s Clear Jelly Stampers.

Clear Jelly Stampers-

Clear Jelly Stamper Nail Art Stamping Kit Review

Clear Jelly Stampers are some of the best nail stampers available and are the ones I recommend the most. These are premium, high-quality nail stampers. That allows you to easily and quickly make extremely detailed nail art. The company that makes these stampers are the inventors and pioneers of fully transparent nail stampers. They actually hold a patent for this type of stamper. Clear Jelly Stamper Inc is based in Canada and all of its stampers are made there.

Here are some quick reviews about this product-

Pros of Clear Jelly Stampers

Easy to Use-

Clear Jelly Nail Stampers are one of the easiest transparent stampers to use. They don’t require much pressure or force, either when picking up the imprint from the plates or when stamping it on your nails.

Good Stamping Texture-

Clear Jelly Stampers have one of the most balanced textures. They are not too soft or too firm. This balance makes Clear Jelly Stampers both easy to use yet accurate enough to make complex and intricate designs.

You see stampers that are super soft and squishy allow for very easy pickup and stamping. But they are not suited for very intricate designs since. They are easily deformed and smooshed which can distort intricate nail art.



Clear Jelly Stampers are a premium brand of stampers that are made in Canada where the cost of labor tends to be higher. So their products tend to be more expensive than other stampers made abroad.

Don’t use it if you are a beginner

If you are now starting nail stamping I won’t recommend that you use the Clear Jelly Stamper or any fully transparent stamper. You see stampers that are transparent are made only with silicone – which tends to be firmer and thus requires more technique and practice to use.

The next nail stamper featured in this article is probably the best for you. It is the softest nail stamper that I have ever used.

Though I think Clear Jelly Stampers are softer in comparison to most transparent stampers and I consider them very easy to use, you have to understand that I have years of practice doing stamping so our skill levels will be different. Now if you are a beginner and you still want to use the Clear Jelly Stamper, I would advocate that you watch a few tutorials and do several practice runs before you attempt to stamp on your nails.

How to Use Clear Jelly Stampers-

pros and cons about Clear Jelly Stampers

  • A gentle rolling technique is what most experts recommend to create a clear and crisp design.
  • Just note that you might not get it on the first try. Every time I use a new stamp it usually takes me a few tries before I master it. So be patient.

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