Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Swatch, Review & Images

Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Swatch, Review & Images

Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Swatch, Review & Images

live Love polish’s latest release called Live Love Polish Viewfinder Trio ($34.00). Hello Hello! Wow, am I so excited to be sharing a bunch of photos of the brand new Live Love Polish Viewfinder Trio Collection! I am so blessed to review this amazing LLP for some of its launches. This is probably one of my favorite collections. The black shade is always my favorite. just go and check out the Live Love Polish official site, it’s available now. This is a black linear holo from live love polish from their new Viewfinder Trio collection! I love this shade and especially love how it looks in sunlight 

The Picture of a trio of luxurious polishes each with fun, light-bending special effects. There are Three unique finishes to enjoy year-round, each imagined through a different lens. Enjoy them in motion or preserve the wonder with a snapshot, exercise your creative eye. 

Live Love Polish Viewfinder Trio-

Live Love Polish Viewfinder


Viewfinder trio includes three black polishes in three different finishes:

  1. Aperture is a black glitter polish filled with intense silver holographic glitter and kaleidoscopic.
  2. The Focus is a black linear holographic polish.
  3. The optic is a black magnetic polish with a silver highlight and gray shimmer.
  4. This trio comes with one magnetic wand.


Magnetic Polish:

1. First, Remove the natural oils on your nails with a cotton ball dipped in acetone or rubbing alcohol. Apply the protective base coat of your choice.

2. Working one nail at a time, apply a generous coat of magnetic nail polish and also, immediately hover Magnetic Wand over the nail. As close as possible, for 10-15 seconds. For the strongest effect, hover the wand until polish dries, about 45-60 seconds.

3. Next step is to repeat step 2 until the polish is opaque.

4. Once dry, seal manicure with Quick Dry Top Coat. Hovering the magnetic wand over the topcoat while it’s still wet will increase the magnetic effect.

Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Swatch Live Love Polish new nail polish Live Love Polish new nail polish


These photos are taken with daylight bulbs that replicate sunlight. Holographic nail polish looks best under sunlight and concentrated indoor lighting.

For Faster Application:

After step 1, apply a coat of creme polish. This creates an opaque foundation. Which means you’ll need fewer coats of magnetic polish. Depending on the shade, it may enhance or soften the appearance of the magnetic effect. So have fun and experiment.


Store your polish in a cool, dark place to keep it looking and also applying its best. The Polish exposed to too much heat or sunlight may change its color and also, consistency over time.

Live love polish aperture-erin

Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Live Love Polish Viewfinder Collection Images Live Love Polish new launch


Optic and Focus dry smooth. Aperture dries slightly textured. We recommend applying a clear topcoat over the nail polish for a smooth, longer-lasting mani! Applying topcoat to your magnetic nail polish will not affect its magnetic properties.

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