Holo Taco Rainbow Chrome Nail Tool Kit Review & Images

Holo Taco Rainbow Chrome Nail Tool Kit Review & Images

Holo Taco Rainbow Chrome Nail Tool Kit Review & Images

Hello Girls, I am back again with another Holo Taco product review. Called RAINBOW CHROME NAIL TOOL KIT. First Time holo taco release chrome nail art kit tool. This is not an ordinary nail art tool kit, it comes with also holo taco touch. This is a really very beautiful nail tool.

So are ready for the job with this handy nail tool kit! well, I’m sure…

There are Includes six high-quality nail tools in a rainbow chrome finish. So you can prep in style. Keep your tools in place with a custom Holo Taco zipper pouch. So sleek people will be asking you where you got that bag.

Set includes-
  • Tweezers
  • Hangnail nippers
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Large nail clippers
  • Small nail clippers
  • Mini scissors.

Note: This item is excluded from the current promotion.

Rainbow Chrome Nail Tool Kit Product details-


Holo Taco Rainbow Chrome Nail Tool Kit


  • Rainbow chrome titanium-plated nail tools.
  • High-quality stainless steel tools and carbon steel clippers for function and durability.
  • PU leather pouch (vegan)
  • Custom Holo Taco embossing
  • Tools can be sanitized (wipe with cotton pad and alcohol to clean after use)
  • The pouch is 100mm x 152mm (folded)
  • Approved by Simply Nailogical.

Note: These tools are sharp. Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children.

Cuticle Pusher-


A cuticle pusher is a tool that is used to push your cuticles back. Also, Make your nail grow healthier and stronger. As expected, It is often used to perform manicures and pedicures in various spas. This is a very useful tool. Use this holo taco pusher to gently push back cuticles. Make sure to Repeat on all nails. Repeat around the sides of nails as needed on each cuticle.

Large Nail Clippers-


Nail clippers allow you to trim from the side instead and also giving you better grip and control as you work. They’re the best toenail clippers. Especially for the nails on your big toes. Side clippers also work well for fingernails. Also, give you easy access to ragged hangnails and cuticles. This is a very useful tool. 

Large nail clippers-

Large nail clippers

Mini scissors-


You can easily trim your nails with a cutting tool like clippers or manicure scissors or with a filing tool like an emery board. Nail files are gentler on your nails and also, are good for shaping and smoothing nail edges. This is very use full tool. 



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