Holo Taco Retro 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection
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Holo Taco Retro 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection

Holo Taco Retro 4th Anniversary Limited Edition Collection

Simply Nailogical launched her greatest HOLO taco hits New her greatest Holo taco hits the NEW Retro Collection for celebrating her 4th Anniversary! Includes 5 limited edition brightly-colored jelly holographic polishes in a VHS cassette-style collector’s box, this set screams blockbuster.

Holo Taco is my favorite nail polish brand. I really love her collection. Simply Nailogical is a great girl and also her collection takes my heart all the time. If you love doing nail art you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber. She just launched her newest collection.

Go and check out her more amazing collection. I am 100% sure you will love it. 

The NEW Retro Collection includes 5 unique shades in different formulas:

Holo Taco Retro 4th Anniversary

  • Be Kind Rewind
  • Life In Plastic
  • Hi-Def
  • Anti-Hero
  • Box Office Bomb
  • Collector’s Box
  • Retro On-The-Go-Bag

Holo Taco 4th Anniversary Retro Collection

Holo taco detail: Think fast and rewind it back to the 90s in celebration of Holo Taco’s 4th Anniversary 🙂 Get into the nail nostalgia of simpler times spent sitting on blow-up furniture for movie night by popping in the limited edition Holo Taco Retro Collection. Fit with five brightly-colored jelly holographic polishes in a VHS cassette-style collector’s box, this set screams blockbuster. Also, snap up the limited edition Retro On-The-Go Bag so painting is made possible even when on the fly. Boring nails please talk to the hand because the face ain’t listenin’.

Detail about Product-

  • Limited edition Retro polishes, cartons, collector’s box, and on-the-go bag, available only for our 4th anniversary. Includes 5 bright jelly polishes with scattered holographic sparkle throughout. Polishes come with medium-width rounded brushes.
  • Designed by Simply Nailogical
  • Nail polish: Made in the USA of globally sourced ingredients, 12ml / 0.4 fl oz each and 10-free
  • Retro On-The-Go-Bag holds 12 Holo Taco bottles with a removable foam insert. Designed for storage and light travel. If handling it in a way where it may be tossed upside down, we recommend adding something soft inside the bag to fill the space.
  • These polishes are formulated as highly pigmented buildable sparkly jellies that are translucent in 1 coat but can achieve fuller coverage while looking squishy on the 2nd or 3rd coat.

Note: Holographic nail polish shows best under direct sunlight, halogen bulbs, or just your phone camera flash! Swatch photos as pictured have one coat of Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco for optimal smoothness and also shine. Super-pigmented shades may cause staining depending on the porousness of the nail and the use of a protective base coat. Polish should be stored in a cool, dark place to keep it at its best for longer and to prevent the color or consistency from changing.

Retro 4th Anniversary collection

Holo Taco Pros-

  • A very unique product that gives you the chance for a great new look.
  • The consistency is not too thick, unlike other variants in this category.
  • A lot of quantity for the price
  • Functions as a good top and also makes the nail chip resistant.
  • Dries nail paint very quickly.
  • I love the holo taco all collection.

Note- If you want to know more info about the new Holo taco remix collection. please check out the holo taco’s official website. I’m just here to give you some information about the product. I personally do not use holo taco’s new product. so how can I give you my Opinion? So please check out the website and also definitely buy her product.

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