Scattered Holo Taco| Holo Taco Holographic Top Coat
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Scattered Holo Taco | Holo Taco Holographic Top Coat

Scattered Holo Taco| Holo Taco Holographic Top Coat

Scattered Holo Taco-

Simply Nailogical Scattered Holo Taco™ is very popular and the best nail polish among all of her nail polish. Scattered Holo Taco can Transform any base color into holo with this scattered holographic topcoat for an instant galaxy look. The tiny holographic glitters give any mani a sprinkle of holo — it also works great over nail art without covering up too much of the design.

If you love doing nail art you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber. She just launched her newest matte top coat polish. I personally love her every collection. She is an Amazing Person. I love watching her on youtube and Instagram.

Scattered Holo Taco-

Scattered Holo Taco| Holo Taco Holographic Top Coat

This holo taco is super good if you did nail art but still want to put extra holo! With scattered holo taco, you’ll be able to see your art while still having extra bling !!

About Product-

  • 100% real holographic pigments in a clear base
  • Ideal for layering over a base color
  • Designed by Simply Nailogical
  • Made in the USA
  • 12ml / 0.4 fl oz
  • 5-free
  • Note: Holographic nail polish shows best under direct sunlight, halogen bulbs, or just your phone camera flash! Swatch photos as pictured have one coat of glossy top coat for optimal shine.
  • Batch variability: Please note this polish is created using unique pigments that may vary slightly between batches.


Holo Taco Holographic Top Coat

  • A very unique product that gives you the chance for a great new look!
  • The consistency is not too thick, unlike other variants in this category.
  • A lot of quantity for the price
  • Functions as a good top and makes the nail chip resistant.
  • Dries nail paint very quickly

Note- If you want to know more info about the holo taco. please check out the holo taco’s official website. I’m just here to give you some information about the product. I personally do not use holo taco’s new product. so how can I give you my Opinion? So please check out the website and also definitely buy her product.

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