Essie Originals Remixed Collection Review & Images

Essie Originals Remixed Collection Review & Images

Essie Originals Remixed Collection Review & Images

Essie Originals Remixed Collection is a 12 shade nail polish collection! I love all these shades. Actually, I just love the Essie collection.  There is a salon-quality formula for flawless coverage. This is a special limited edition collection that features Essie’s most iconic shades while introducing their “remixed” spinoff shades bursting with personality, a modern twist, and also dressed with beautiful limited edition decorations.

Essie Originals Remixed Collection-

to be berry naughty or berry nice this evening– that’s the real question on hand! although this angora cardi may have you thinking the day has wrapped, your satin slip underneath has you feeling the night is oh so young. So let’s get to the point; slip off your ballet slippers and also lace up your ballet sneakers. Because it’s a race against time to make it out on the town. With a wicked wink at the door and a wicked fierce strut into the after-party, without a doubt, all eyes are on you. Tonight’s smokin’ hot outfit has you lookin’ cool… dare we say below zero? from feeling ladylike by day to reaching rock star status, like a rebel, by night, own the many shades of you…

These are also cool because each of the bottles is decorated with these little designs that relate to the name of the shade. They’re imprinted, and also not a sticker. So you don’t have to worry about them wearing off. And the “original” shades have also been released with special bottles and also designs. So if you’ve never owned them and are looking to now, this is a perfect time.

About Product-

Essie Originals Remixed Collection-

  • Essie’s originals remixed collection is a range of 12 nail polishes that feature our most iconic shades while introducing their “remixed” spinoff shades.
  • There is a salon-quality formula.
  • There is an exclusive easy glide brush for quick, even professional application on nails.
  • How to use: Apply one coat of any of Essie base coats on nails. follow with two coats of Essie’s original color. finish with any one of our Essie topcoats.

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Wicked fierce-

Essie Originals Remixed Collection- 2021

A play on our classic shade wicked, this deep dark blackened red nail polish with a mysterious duo chrome finish turns up the attitude and is nothing short of show-stopping. (shimmer)

Below zero-

below zero- essie nail polish 2021

A twist on our original shade smokin’ hot, this smoky gray nail polish with purple undertones and the icy finish has a chilling dazzle that should never be underestimated. (shimmer)

Berry nice

berry nice- essie nail polish 2021

A play on our classic shade berry naughty, this bright and also shimmering berry red nail polish will leave you beaming in an angelic positive light. (shimmer)

Like a rebel

like a rebel- essie nail polish 2021

A play on our classic shade lady-like, this neutral mauve nail polish with an electrifying gold pearl will have you breaking all the rules. (shimmer)

Satin slip-

satin slip

A twist on our classic Essie shade angora cardi, this soft rose tone pink nail polish with a sheer finish is as lightweight as a barely-there slip dress. (sheer)

Ballet slippers remixed

whether for dance class or everyday flats, this graceful classic pale pink nail polish with a sheer finish is always on point. (sheer)

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