Everything You Need to Know About the Shaped White of Finger Nail

Everything You Need to Know About the Shaped White of Finger Nail

Everything You Need to Know About the Shaped White of Finger Nail

Have you noticed oddly-shaped white areas on your finger nail? This could be a sign of a nail health issue, and it’s important to know how to identify the symptoms and take care of your nails. In this post, we’ll explore what could be causing these white shapes to appear in your fingernails and how to best manage them.

Fingernail half-moons are medically called the lunula, or plural lunulae, and we would also call them so, henceforth. Our nails have got some structure, right, which consists of the free-ended, nail plate, that often stores up that cake crumbs, and the one hidden, called nail matrix. There are other edifices as well like, nail beds, capillaries, tissues, and glands helping in the growth and nourishment of the nails. The lunula is the visible portion of the nail matrix. The nail matrix is busy producing new cells and pushing them up and forward.

What The Half Moons on Nails

What are the Causes of Shaped White Areas in Your Finger nail?

The most common cause for these shaped white areas in fingernails is a condition called leukonychia. This can happen when the nail cells grow too quickly, causing them to become misshapen. There are a few different types of leukonychia, with the most common type being punctate (pinpoint) leukonychia. Too much exposure to water or harsh chemicals can also cause them to appear in your nails.

What Should You Do to Prevent It?

To prevent white spots in your nails, take extra caution when coming into contact with water or harsh chemicals. Wear gloves when performing household chores or when doing activities like swimming and gardening. Additionally, keep your hands and nails moisturized and well-hydrated to help reinforce the nail plate’s outer layer and keep it from breaking down further. If you notice any changes in the shape or color of your fingernails, speak to a doctor for more personalized advice.

What is the Treatment for White Spots on Nails?

White spots on your nails often don’t require any treatment. Ti’s best to wait and let the nail grow out, as the discoloration should disappear in due time. In some cases, however, simple home remedies like coating your nails regularly with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh aloe vera can be helpful in restoring moisture to the nails. If you have severe white spots or more serious discoloration, consult with a dermatologist for further assessment and an appropriate treatment plan.

How Can You Care for Your Nail Health Using Home Remedies

Healthy nails can be cared for at home using some natural remedies. Try soaking your fingers in warm water with vitamin E oil or Epsom salts to condition and soften the nails. You can also coat your nails regularly with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and fresh aloe vera to help restore moisture. Additionally, by eating foods rich in vitamins A and B, your body will stay well nourished which helps maintain healthy fingernails.

What Products Can You Use to Improve finger Nail Health?

Regular use of a nail hardener can help to improve nail health and protect against dryness, chipping, and peeling. Also, moisturizing cuticle oils are important in aiding growth while keeping nails well hydrated. Other products such as base coats, top coats, and nail treatments will help your manicure stay looking its best for longer. Be sure to research the ingredients in each product before purchase to ensure they’re safe for use on your nails!

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