90s Inspired Nail Designs You'll Want to Try Immediately

90s Inspired Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try Immediately

90s Inspired Nail Designs You'll Want to Try Immediately

90s nails are characterized by bright colors and bold designs. They also include famous cartoons and characters from the ’90s like Hello Kitty, Lisa Frank, and ScoobyDoo. Oh, and we can’t forget plenty of sparkles! AS if! The ’90s are taking over beauty trends and your manicure is next on the inspiration list. This throwback nail art trend is all about vibrant colors, geometric shapes and retro squiggles. We’ve gathered the top eight looks from this hot trend for you to save for your next nail appointment. Keep scrolling for more ideas!!

So, if you are interested in trying out some super cute ’90s nail trends, check out this list of 15 ’90s nail designs that will give you that throwback look.

90s Inspired Nail Art-

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Swirls and sparkles are a classic in 90s nail designs, and we love these cute and feminine details paired with gorgeous pastel shades. These cotton candy gel nails are a great retro look to wear during spring or summer.

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Do you miss spending Saturday mornings watching the newest episode of Saved By The Bell? These 90s nails are inspired by this beloved show, and also the combination of bright colors, wavy lines, and abstract geometric patterns will instantly add a retro vibe to any outfit.

90s-Nail-Designs cute 90s inspired nail art design

Grunge fashion was a huge trend of the 90s and it became one of the most iconic styles of the era. The grunge look has a rebellious and carefree feel, and this manicure is perfect for anyone who prefers the dark colors and edgy patterns that come with this style.

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