Winter Nail Care Tips- Nail Care Tips You Need To Try This Winter

Winter Nail Care Tips- Nail Care Tips You Need To Try This Winter


Winter Nail Care Tips- Nail Care Tips You Need To Try This Winter

One of the worst winter Nail (care) issues is that we face is dry and cracked cuticles. Not only are they unsightly. But also they can also be pretty painful. Cracked, peeling nail is never fun to death. It’s also a total bummer for those of us who want to show off our fierce manicures. But what causes our cuticles to become so dried out?

Winter air is the main cause of dry, brittle nails in the colder months. During the winter, cold weather is coupled with dry indoor heat. As well as several possible internal factors that can contribute to your less-than-stellar nail beds. While may seem like a no-win situation, there are actually a few different ways to heal your dry cuticles.

Winter is coming! But If you already feeling your nails dry don’t worry about it. I this blog I will share with you some very tips that can help you get back nails softener. winter nail care tips...

How to Make Nail Softener and Stronger In Winter?

Winter Nail Care Tips- Nail Care Tips You Need To Try This Winter

Choose  Perfect Hand Cream or Lotion (O.P.I.)

winter nail care- best-protective-hand-nail-cuticle-cream-nail-opi

When choosing the perfect hand cream or lotion for hands, look for ones with alpha-hydroxy acids lanolin or urea- all of which can help retain moisture in the nail skin. And I think O.P.I. Protective Hand Nail & Cuticle Cream is will be the best choice for you. OPI hand cream is High-performance multitasking cream hydrates brighten and protects skin and cuticles while nourishing nails. You don’t need to do anything extra after buying this cream because this cream is super good.  Just Massage into hands and forearms twice a day after hand washing.

If you are a miser like me, you can make your own cuticle cream at home with a few simple steps. But for DIY Check out this Link- Cuticle Cream DIY.

Wear Gloves

Wear Gloves for protecting nails

Wearing Gloves can protect your nails and hand from harsh detergents. Continuously washing and drying your hands during the winter can rob your nails of their natural moisture, thereby leaving them brittle. It’s best to wear gloves while engaging in household chores to protect them from repeatedly getting wet. You can easily buy Dish Washing Hand Gloves online.

If you think and they must be expensive. No! Not At all… In Indian rupee, you buy under 300 best gloves and in a  dollar only under to $5 only.


is drinking water everyday is good for nails

Drinking water is the best meditation for any kind of skin problem. you have to keep yourself hydrated, as your body hydrates itself from inside out. Make it a point to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

 Nail Soaking

what add for soaking nails - winter nail care tips

The best way to Take care of your nails is by soaking them once a week in lukewarm water for no more than 10 minutes. post which coats them with cuticle oil. To help retain the moisture, it’s advised to slip on a pair of cotton gloves for at least an hour for the best. results. Before stepping into a hot shower, slather a generous amount of oil onto your nails and cuticles. While you are showering, gently massage the oil in for at least a few minutes.


 Nail Polish Clean Nails

How do you get nail polish off easily

It’s important that you let your nails breathe so take a break from wearing nail polish every once in a while. You never know, the chemicals in the polish could actually be weakening your nails. While at it, also make sure that your nail polish remover doesn’t contain acetone as it can further dry and damage your nails. If it does, limit your use to once a week at the most.

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