Sally hansen magnetic nail polish

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish – Review & How To Use

Sally hansen magnetic nail polish

Sally Hansen is a mainstream brand with a very large range of polishes. It’s a very famous nail polish company. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color is summer’s hottest nail trend, that allows you to create a gorgeous 3-D nail art effect in just seconds.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Polish-

The Polish comes in a nice sized bottle and has a nice brush that gives a nice even finish. Also, It comes with a cap that sits on top of the brush lid that has the magnet on it. Which is very handy as you just pop it back on when finished so you don’t lose it. It also has a guide so you know how far away to hold the magnet from your nail.

The nail polish itself is a nice formula and goes on smoothly.  It dries really quickly and lasts on your nails a long time without chipping.

It’s great for a quick trendy manicure without paying to go to a salon. Overall I really like it.

Some of Popular Review-

“Love the idea of this nail polish as its really cool and fun to use, however, I found that in order to get the design to look good you had to get so close and I’d always mess up the nail polish which in the end would leave me frustrated.

Be careful not to touch the wet polish with the magnet, but get as close as you can.

“You have to do it in one thick layer and then make sure to hold the magnet really still and close to the polish without touching.

“The instructions are pretty straight forward, however the first time I used the magnetic lid, I held it against my nail the wrong way so I smeared my polish.


Here We Will Learn how to properly apply Magnetic nail polish to achieve the Fabulous results…

Popular Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish-

Popular sally hansen magnetic nail polish

How to Apply Magnetic Gel Nail Polish-

First Clean Nails then trim nail surface as normal manicure process.

Now Fully shake up the polish, It can make the gel polish color balanced.

Now Apply Base coat first, which can make polish lasting longer, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp.

Apply the first layer of Black color polish, cure with UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Now Apply a layer of magnetic nail polish Sally Hansen, Don’t cure, and put the magnet over the nails from all around to the middle to get the desired cat-eye effect.

Then immediately cure with UV lamp for 2 minutes or cure with an LED lamp for 60 seconds.

In the last Coat with no wipe top coat, cured by a UV lamp or LED lamp.

That’s it… See I told you it’s so easy to do.


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