Round Nails Shapes - How To Keep Them Looking Great

Round Nails Shapes – How To Keep Them Looking Great

Round Nails Shapes - How To Keep Them Looking Great

Round nails are so on-trend right now but how do you keep them looking their best? Find out the secrets to perfect round nails with this helpful guide.

Before the tips, I am gonna show you some best round shape designs.  Rounded nails are one of the easiest nail shapes. From nudes to bold colors, almost every nail color looks good on rounded nails. But it all comes down to choosing the right nail art design to make you’re your nails stand out from the crowd. We have some ideas that might come in handy the next time you go for a manicure session.

Round nails design Picture-

Simple Black Round Shape Manicure

Round nails are foolproof for a few reasons: They’re simple to create, can be done on any nail length, and seem to hold up better compared to the more complex shapes. If you live a hands-on lifestyle but still want a polished look, this might be your holy grail shape.


What is a round nails shape?

Round nails don’t break as easily compared to oval or pointed nails,” Lin said. Oval nails are similar to round nails, but they have longer sides, which makes them more flimsy. So if you’re constantly using your hands and want to avoid snags, tears, or nail breakage in general, then round nails will be the best bet.

Purple Color-

Some of the most beautiful colors in nature are purple, and it’s no wonder that many people want to wear this color. Whether you’re feeling calm or bold, there’s a purple nail style for you! If you want a look that’s dark and sexy, try a purple smokey nail. All you need is a deep purplish color along with black to make the colors pop. This style works best on shorter round nails.

Round Nails

round-nails-designs-yellow-design-fancy-nail-art rounded nail shape
rhinestone nail art designing nails

Multi-Tone Purple

This is a great color I’ve seen in fashion this season. If you love purple, you can rock it in many different shade combinations. You could even use the same color combination with your wardrobe!

purple naails

Dotting Round Nails

Dots serve as the foundation for more nail art than you might think. You can actually use dots to create almost any shape or design you like. Of course, much like drawing the perfect circle is a challenge (to say the least), painting dots may not come easily if you don’t have a dotting tool.

doting nail art

How To Keep Round Nails Shape Looking Great

How To Keep Round Nails Shape Looking Great

Choose the Right Shape and Size for Your Nails

Choosing the right size and shape for your nails is an essential part of achieving the perfect manicure. For round nails, aim for a medium length and width, with edges that are gently curved, like a half-moon shape. Tapered nails may give you more versatility when choosing nail art designs, but it’s important to ensure your curves are even to get the most appealing finish.

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

Keeping your nails hydrated is essential for achieving a perfect manicure and preventing nail breakage. Use a cuticle oil that’s lightweight, like almond or jojoba oil, and massage it into your nails and cuticles regularly to keep them nourished. You can also use a moisturizing hand cream or shea butter to moisturize your hands and nails.

Gently Push Back Cuticles

After your filing and buffing routine is complete, you’ll need to care for your cuticles. Never use a metal cuticle trimmer as it can damage the nail bed. Instead, use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles so they don’t interfere with the shape of the nails.

Use Gel Polish To Prevent Chipping

To prevent chipping, use gel polishes on round nails. Gel polish bonds with the nails so it can last much longer than regular nail polish formulas. Apply two thin coats of each hue – use a color two to three shades lighter than your nail bed and top coat – curing them under an LED light or lamp. Wipe off the thick layer of residue after each layer has cured, then add one more layer of clear gel topcoat and cure for an extra-long-lasting manicure!

File and Buff Regularly – Round Nails

For round nails, there’s nothing more important than the perfect filing and buffing routine. Start by using a professional-grade nail file to even out your nails and shape them into a round shape. Then use a buffer to smooth them out and give them a glossy finish. If you’re having trouble achieving that coveted rounded effect, you can use a cuticle presser designed specifically for round nails to help keep them in place as you buff.

So yes~ these are some simple and easy-to-use tips for your round nails. I hope these tips would be helpful for you. Also if you have any questions you can comment me on comment below. And that’s it for today.

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