easy nail art design without tool

Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails Without Tools – Nail Art Short Nails

easy nail art design without tool

Nail Art Home- Everyone can get perfect nail art in a nail salon. But even at home, it is not difficult to make it for you. But It will be a bit difficult for you to find the tool with which you do nail art at home easily. Also if you think to buy them! maybe they must be a bit expensive as you expect.

Buying nail art tools to use at home never seemed viable either. I always figured there was no use investing in dotting tools for designed nails. And all those brushes if I didn’t have the skill level to use them successfully at home. So, at a nail-art impasse, I starting experimenting with simple looks that I could pull off with random stuff lying around my house.

Beauty communities on the Internet have nail-design hacks using just about everything you can think of- floss, toothpick, and tape the list goes on. If you’ve tried some of these so-called hacks. I don’t even have to tell you that plenty of them are just a flat-out scam.

In today’s blog, I will tell you about such a home tool. With the help of which you will be able to easily do nail-arts at home.

Bobby Pin nail art tools-

Bobby is the best household tool that you can use as a nail art tool. You can dip one of its beaded ends into your nail polish bottle until it’s lightly coated, then use that to gently place polish onto your nail dot by dot.

nails polka dot design

For creating this design, simple first apply the white nail paint coat. after that dip your bobby pin in black polish for creating this simple polka dot nail art design. It is so simple to use. When I was learning nail art. the first method I tried that is… So what are you waiting for? Start with this idea your nail art journey?

designed nails

You can easily create this simple flower design with your bobby pin. You just need three different color polish.


nails with polka dots

polka dots nails

This one is a super beautiful nail. This is called almond nail shape. If your nails are not long, you can use acrylic nails.

Nail Art With Brush-

nails polka dots

If you don’t have nail art tool brushes you can use a normal paintbrush tool as a tool. Just simply dip your brush in the polish bottle and create a simple stylish doting nail art design.

Nail Art Simple

Coloring nails with different nail polishes are very trending these days. Try this simple nail art design…


easy nail art how to

Red Easy Nails-

easy nail art red

Easy Nails Art How To?

With the help of this picture, you can smoothly create this design. Just simply create a half pattern.

nail art des

Nails Designing-

nail art simple

Half nails design-

easy nail art for kids

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Easy Nail Art Designs For Short Nails

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