Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection Is Here !

Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection Is Here !

Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection Is Here !

Live Love polish’s latest release called Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection ($65.00).

Introducing Courageously Cute! A while back, LIVE LOVE POLISH shared a Japanese Art themed collection created by product designer Moe that was inspired by the historical artworks of her homeland. After seeing all the love and also an appreciation for that collection, LIVE LOVE POLISH decided to revisit Japan. This time highlighting more modern forms of expression found in Japanese pop art and also alternative fashion. This collection of playful colors is inspired by the vibrant spirit of Japanese street fashions and also Courageously Cute alternative culture. An anesthetic array of six ultra-smooth pastel cremes shades. Each a testament to the radical act of choosing softness in a tough-as-nails world.

More than just a sugar overload — Inspired by the courage and also creativity of Japanese alternative street styles. This collection of daringly endearing and also pastel creme polishes really stands out from the crowd!

Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection

Live Love Polish Courageously Cute Collection

LIVE LOVE POLISH Courageously Cute includes six pastel creme polishes:

  • Defiant Darling
  • No One’s Maiden
  • So Cute It Hurts
  • Sweet
  • But Make It Metal
  • Lolita Sugar
  • Decora Candy.

Defiant Darling-

live love polish Defiant Darling nail polish

Polished, but a little punk! This shade is a tribute to the fashion rebel’s desire to express themself in whimsical ways, armed to the frills with self-confidence, and ready to reject expectations!

Defiant Darling is a true periwinkle creme polish.

Decora Candy

live love polish Decora Candy

A polish this delightful is like a sweet treat for your nails! This shade calls to mind the many barrettes, bows, and baubles that come together to make the candy-coated Decora fashion style so iconic.

Decora Candy is a soft lilac creme polish.

No One’s Maiden

live love polish No One's Maiden

Delightfully fresh, but with a vintage feel! This soft-but-sassy shade is a spunky nod to the Otome Kei (Maiden Style) street fashion!

No One’s Maiden is a pastel mint creme polish.

So Cute It Hurts

live love polish So Cute It Hurts

A reference to Ita-bags, or bags so overloaded with cute icons and plushies that it hurts to look at them! Bright, eye-catching, and also cheerful, this polish is a great addition to any collection!

So Cute It Hurts is a light daffodil yellow creme polish.

Sweet But Make It Metal

live love polish Sweet But Make It Metal

Rock this adorable shade any way you like — you make (or break) the rules! When the daring style is what you aim for, cuteness meets Metal is as fierce as it gets!

Sweet, But Make It Metal is a delicate peach creme polish.

Lolita Sugar

live love polish Lolita Sugar

Inspired by Japanese Sweet Lolita street fashion, this shade is ultra-sweet like sugar!

A shout out to one of the most recognizable street fashions! Sweet Lolita takes the proverbial cake for delicate frills, and timeless charm — add a dash of adorable to your mani with this lovely shade!

‘Lolita’ is exclusively a reference to the Japanese fashion style! Although they share the same name, Lolita fashion has no connection to the Vladimir Nabokov novel.

Lolita Sugar is a sweet pink chiffon creme polish.


Store your polish in a cool, dark place to keep it looking and applying its best! Polish exposed to too much heat or sunlight may change its color and/or consistency over time.

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