Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

How to Grow Long and Strong Nails in 3 days – Grow nails Super Fast

Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

Everyone loves long nails. But sometimes, It must be really annoying when you’re trying to grow out your nails. But they don’t seem to grow. Learning how to nail growth not easy, Because there are several home remedies and grooming techniques that may help you to grow your nail faster. And it’s very important for you to learn every single step.

Growing long nails is a multi-step process. As long as you take good nail care of your nails, you can grow them easily.

But before this, First You need to stop your bad nail habits. After that, taking vitamins and manicuring properly will help you grow strong nails.


Reason For Not Nail Grow-

  • Biting nails
  • Stop wearing acrylic nails.
  • Avoid cheap polish
  • Never use your nails as a tool

Home Remedies For Nail Growth-

Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

Here are a few steps and tips that will help you to strong and healthy your nails:

1) Lemon juice-

Lemon juice could help to brighten your nails and remove stains.

Now the question is, how to use lemon juice for growing nails faster?

Soak your nails in a mixture of three tbs of olive oil and one tablespoon of lemon juice for 10 minutes. Follow this home remedy for about 10 minutes every day to strengthen your nails. Simply applying warm olive oil to the ends of your nails also serves as an effective treatment to grow your nails.

2) Garlic for nail growth-

Advocates suggest that their nail growth comes from the selenium in garlic. Garlic is rich in selenium, which helps promote nail growth.

In my opinion, If you Rubbing garlic on your nails. Wiggling your fingers. your nails can be grown easily. I have adopted this recipe and It works very fast. If you think it’s a good idea, you can try it.

Also, You can try this recipe… Sauté chopped garlic in a pan with some olive oil in a pan for 10 minutes, taking care that the oil does not bubble. Let the oil cool, and strain the oil into a glass container, discarding the garlic pieces.

You can massage this oil into your nails and cuticles every night, Before rinsing off in the morning.

Remember, massage stimulates blood flow which helps deliver nutrients from your bloodstream to your nails.

3) Nail Grow With Apple Cider Vinegar-

Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster And Stronger

Apple cider vinegar is a miracle solution for weakened cuticles and nails. Apple Cider Vinegar also has anti-fungal treatment, So it is a must-try if you suffer from a fungal nail infection, which if left untreated can cause you to lose the infected nails.

4) Coconut Oil-

Coconut oil makes your cuticles healthy and less prone to dryness and peeling. Also, the oil is very hydrating and can help strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles.

How To Use Coconut Oil- for a nourishing treatment, warm coconut oil for 20 seconds and massage into the cuticles before bed. To seal in the treatment, wear a pair of thin cotton gloves overnight.

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  1. Jayden says:

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    Recently my nails are breaking very often. While I have been longing to keep them long. Hopefully, this works for me. Anyway, appreciate your effort.

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    did this work for anyone

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    did this work for anyone

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