Holo Taco Matte Taco Review & Images – Holo Taco Matte Taco

Holo Taco Matte Taco Review & Images – Holo Taco Matte Taco

Holo Taco Matte Taco Review & Images – Holo Taco Matte Taco

Holo Taco (matte taco) latest release called MATTE TACO™ ($11.00). 

Hello Ladies!!  Holo Taco by Simply Nailogical, has just released. Its new MATTE TACO™. If you love doing nail art you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber. She just launched her newest matte top coat polish. I personally love her every collection. She is an Amazing Person. I love watching her on youtube and Instagram.

Sophisticated in matte! You can Top any manicure off with this matte top coat for a soft velvet matte finish. Try it over One-Coat Black for that classic matte black look, or over a special effect polish like a Unicorn Skin topper to unlock matte nail mysteries.


Holo Taco Matte Taco Review


You can apply it to any nail color, and it looks so velvety, classy, and elegant. I personally prefer nail colors that have a cream finish, and no shimmer or glitter finish, and so I haven’t exactly tried out how the matte topcoat would look on them. But for a cream finish, it looks great in every color. This matte topcoat dries in just a few minutes, doesn’t chip, and also gives a beautiful finish to any nail look.


  • The lush mattifying formula neutralizes the glossy finish of any nail polish or topper in one coat.
  • It feels soft to the touch when dry with a uniform matte finish.
  • According to Simplynailogical, It’s Non-yellowing, no white flecks.
  • Does not cause nail polish shrinkage

PROS of Holo Taco Matte Taco-

Holo Taco Matte Taco Review and images

  • A very unique product that gives you the chance for a great new look!
  • The consistency is not too thick, unlike other variants in this category.
  • A lot of quantity for the price
  • Functions as a good top and makes the nail chip resistant.
  • Dries nail paint very quickly
Pro Tip:
  • For extended wear time and a smoother finish over textured polishes, seal your manicure with a Glossy Taco or Super Glossy Taco first, and then finish off with a Matte Taco when dry.
  • Designed by Simply Nailogical
  • Made in the USA of globally sourced ingredients
  • 12ml/0.4 fl oz
  • 5-free

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