Holo Taco Magnetic Magic Nail Polish Review
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Holo Taco Magnetic Magic Nail Polish Review

Holo Taco Magnetic Magic Nail Polish Review

Holo Taco Magnetic magic COLLECTION Set Nail Polish ($80.00).

Hello Ladies!! Holo Taco by Simply Nailogical, has just released her new Holo Taco Magnetic Collection Set. The Holo Taco Magnetic Collection comes in a limited edition. This is a 5 piece collection of all magnetic polishes. Which is the first time Holo Taco has released this type of polish. To be honest, while I am a magnetic lover it’s my favorite nail color. All of these polishes are available right now on the Holo Taco website, which of course is linked down below. Holo Taco is a US-based nail polish brand. Their polishes are in 12ml bottles, 5 free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Applying Magnetic nail polish is very easy. Just Apply the first coat of magnetic polish like a regular polish and also skip magnetizing the nail. Then apply a generous second coat and magnetize only that layer with the Magnetic Wand. The effect may not appear as strong but it’s quicker!

If You are a nail lover you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber with an amazing personality. She just launched again her newest collection. I personally love her collections. She is an Amazing Person. I love watching her on youtube and Instagram.

Holo Taco Magnetic COLLECTION-

Holo Taco Magnetic COLLECTION

Set Include-

  • Love Spell
  • Queen’s Curse
  • Twice in a Blue Moon
  • Wicked Potion
  • Fairy Tail
  • Magnetic Wand (free Magnetic Wand)


SHAKE – Gently shake the polish to help evenly distribute the magnetic pigments before application.

PAINT – Apply a thick but even coat of magnetic polish on the nail, working one nail at a time.

ACTIVATE – Immediately activate the polish’s magnetic effect with our Magnetic Wand by either:

A. Hovering the Magnetic Wand over the wet nail, as close to the nail as possible, OR

B. Painting the nail while your finger rests on top of the rectangle side of the Magnetic Wand, silver magnet side-up.

HOLD STILL – Keep the Magnetic Wand in place while the polish dries (we recommend holding for at least 60 seconds). Patience is key: the longer you wait, the sharper the magnetic effect!

ALL THE NAILS – Paint all other nails, working one nail at a time, repeating steps 2 through 4.

SECOND COAT – Repeat with a second or third coat for desired opacity, activating the polish with the Magnetic Wand for each coat.

LOCK IT IN – Apply a Glossy Taco for quick-dry and long-lasting results. Be sure to finish with one last use of the Magnetic Wand and hold still to lock in the magnetic effect as the top coat seals in your magnetic mani.


Holo Taco Magnetic Magic Nail Polish Review

  • Limited edition shade 
  • A limited edition beautiful uniform metallic shade!
  • Multi-dimensional formula with a predominantly black-to-red multi-chrome base scattered holographic micro flakes and also red reflective glitters. 
  • Apply 2-3 coats for full coverage. 
  • Polish should be stored in a cool, dark place to keep it at its best for longer and to prevent the color or consistency from changing

Disclaimer- They have more shades but as you know I don’t haven’t use them yet. So I can’t give you my personal opinion. But about 1 thing I am sure of. These are the best nail polish shades.  so defiantly try it.

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