Holo Taco Simply Family Bundle - Simply Birthday 2021 Fancy nail art

Holo Taco Birthday Simply Family Bundle – Simply Birthday 2021

Holo Taco Simply Family Bundle - Simply Birthday 2021 Fancy nail art

Holo Taco Birthday Simply Family Bundle- Holo Taco by Simply Nailogical just released her new Holo Taco for celebrating her birthday. Simply, Nailogical’s limited-edition special birthday polish. This year she serving a limited edition Existential Crisis followed by Frozen Bananas for dessert Pick up the loot bag with all 4 new items for a special bday bundle price. Because Cristine wanted it all. And We can’t say no when it’s her birthday. Wear this polish on its own for a nail treat sweeter.

If You are a nail lover you must know Simplynailogical, A famous nail YouTuber.

Holo taco birthday Simply Family Bundle-

Holo Taco by Simply Nailogical

This bundle is fun for the whole family! Celebrate Simply’s birthday, cats, and boyfriend, in that order, with four polishes in the Simply Family Bundle. Don’t have any friends or family? It’s not a problem anymore. Nail polish is your family.

Set includes:

  • Existential Crisis
  • Frozen Benanas

About Product Details:

  • Limited edition Existential Crisis (Simply’s 2021 birthday shade and also box)
  • Metallic polish with foil flakes and also scattered holographic pigment in a light yellow-gold base
  • The formula removes easily with nail polish remover
  • Apply 2-3 coats for full coverage
  • Designed by Simply Nailogical
  • Made in USA of globally sourced ingredients
  • 12ml / 0.4 fl oz each
  • 5-free
  • Holographic nail polish shows best under direct sunlight, halogen bulbs, or just your phone camera flash.
  • Polish should be stored in a cool, dark place to keep it at its best for longer and to prevent the color or consistency from changing.

Frozen Benanas-

Frozen Benanas

What’s for dessert? Frozen Benanas. Inspired by Ben’s eternal love of bananas, this metallic foil polish is an appealing golden treat for your tips. Packed with yellow-gold reflective foil flakes and a surprise of scattered holo, you may find yourself staring into your nails because you never looked so good.

Existential Crisis

Existential Crisis - holo taco happy birthday nail art

Last year she had cake… and this year holo taco having an Existential Crisis! Celebrate Simply Nailogical’s birthday with a limited edition concoction that screams dark holo mood. Just like life, this multi-dimensional polish is hard to explain in one sentence. Sunk in a deep teal jelly base, this polish has holographic flakes and glitters along with vibrant red shifting iridescent shimmer. Now you can have your Existential Crisis and paint it too.

for more info about a product please check out the website and make sure to buy her product, all image credits belong to holo taco’s official website and I took some lines from there too. thank you for your time.

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