Essie Summer 2022 Collection review pictures of polish

Essie Summer 2022 Collection Review & Images

Essie Summer 2022 Collection review pictures of polish

Essie (summer) has once again arrived with its new collection called, Essie’s Limited Edition Summer 2022 Collection. Again you will get to see 6 new shades in this collection. This steamy range features five bold creams and one mesmerizing shimmer that set the tiki bar high. There is a salon-quality formula for flawless coverage. I really love all these shades. Actually, I just love the Essie collections. They always release something different and also beautiful shades. I really want to work with them officially.

Essie Summer 2022 Collection-

Essie Summer 2022 Key Features:

  • Salon-quality nail color formula for flawless coverage.
  • Exclusive easy-glide brush for even professional application on nails.
  • From Essie’s summer 2021 collection with 6 punchy bright shades.long-lasting formula
  • professional thick and wide brush
  • Super covering
  • Dry quickly
  • Applies super easy and gradually
  • Works as a nail hardener
  • Cruelty-Free

Essie summer 2022 Shades-

essie summer 2022 nail polish shades

  1. Coconut for you
  2. Isle see you later
  3. Revenge’s a beach
  4.  Tropic law
  5. Break it sundown
  6. Set the tiki bar high

Coconuts for you-


There’s no way to resist a warm, neutral tan nail polish with red undertones that highlights your summer glow (cream). The professional brush is thick and wide, so you can easily and evenly apply your favorite color. Essie’s nail polish is highly pigmented, which ensures that you give your nails a beautiful covering color with 1 hand movement. The rich and intense color dries super quickly, so you can also quickly paint your nails in between.

Isle see you later-


Put on your OOO and hit the beach wearing this vibrant magenta nail polish with blue undertones (cream). The shade looks exactly like Secret story. But it’s different from that. This is a salon-quality nail color formula for flawless coverage and glossy shine.

Revenge’s a beach-


Nobody, not even your ex, can kill your island vibe when you’re sporting this muted, dirty teal nail polish with yellow undertones. This is the best shade in this collection. I personally love this kind of shade. It’s so easy to apply. The coverage is smooth and full, and could probably even get by with just one coat.

Tropic Low-

Steal the spotlight on the dance floor with this shimmering, mossy green nail polish with gold duo-chrome pearls (shimmer). The shimmer is a lighter gold than the base. Which gives a gorgeous flare. This shade is almost opaque in one coat.


Over a thousand nuanced colors, Essie’s original nail polish takes from the latest fashion and also cultural trends. This makes your manicure possibilities endless, with a wink and story always on hand. Your partner for playful inspiration. I hope You Like all these shades. Its soft and snowy shades. And also I thought this is perfect for the winter season.

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