Essie Spring 2022 Collection Review & Pictures
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Essie Spring 2022 Collection Review & Pictures

Essie Spring 2022 Collection Review & Pictures

Essie Spring 2022 Collection- Today I am sharing my review of the New Essie Spring 2022! I have not been able to find a ton of information on this collection, and also it is not yet upon the Essie site I guess – BUT I have been seeing these polishes pop up around stores and online so I thought I would share my review even if I don’t know all the full details yet.

Essie Spring 2022 Collection

The Essie Spring 2022 Collection. When I saw this collection for the first time, I thought it was a mistake because they look exactly like a winter 2021 Collection as opposed to a Spring Collection. Anyway, Essie has just released a new 6-shade nail polish collection called! Essie Spring collections 2022. Its softly uplifting collection showcases.

Today I’m introducing Essie’s limited edition spring 2022 collection. This is inspired by delicately faded frescos. This softly uplifting collection showcases an array of six perfectly, imperfect pastel cream shades. That is nothing short of a fresh spring awakening.

About this item-

  1. A muted neutral creamy nail polish with white undertones.
  2. This season, stretch your wings and prepare for a dreamy flight of fantasy where the possibilities are truly endless.
  3. Collection of six spring awakenings inspired by delicately faded frescos.
  4. Salon-quality formula and also easy glide brush for flawless coverage.
  5. From the Essie collection, which has produced more than 1,000+ shades and counting.
  6. Over a thousand nuanced colors, Essie’s original nail polish takes from the latest fashion and cultural trends to make your manicure possibilities endless, with a wink and story always on hand. your partner for playful inspiration.

About Shades-

  • Sing Songbird Along
  • Well nested energy
  • Flight of fantasy
  • Spring Awakening
  • Stretch your wings
  • keep branching out

Sing songbird along-

essie spring nail polish 2022 collection new shades fancynailart

Even if you can’t carry a tune, this soft, pastel yellow nail polish with white undertones hits all the right notes. Looking for a gorgeous shade of white? Try Essie Sing songbird along. The pure snowy white lacquer brushes on seamlessly for a pop of all-over color or precise detailing—like french manicure tips—and is prone to less chipping, thanks to its durable formula. This polish gives consistent results that you can count on.

Well, nested energy-

well nested energy - spring essie nail polish 2022

After a long winter’s nap, this soft, pastel peach nail polish with white undertones brings fingertips and toes back to life (cream). I love this shade. It is so creamy and soft in color. You can apply this polish to any type of occasion.

Essie spring collection – Flight of fantasy

flight of fantasy

let your imagination soar with this muted, pastel blue nail polish with yellow undertones (cream). It took three coats of polish to achieve a perfect opacity. Although it was advertised as a shimmer polish, I would describe it more like a pearl finish polish. Unlike your usual shimmers, this polish has a very gentle pearl finish, especially when looked at from a normal eye distance.

Essie Spring Nail Polish – Stretch your wings-

stretch your wings

Take a chance on this soft, pastel pink nail polish with lilac undertones and fly the coop. If you’re searching for the perfect cotton candy coat, nothing beats Essie’sStretch your wings. Which looks exactly like the sugary sweet goodness you snack on at theme parks and fairs. This vegan nail polish will glide on your nails so effortlessly that you’ll feel like a pro manicurist.

Keep branching out-

expand your horizons and reach new heights with this soft, pastel taupe nail polish with yellow undertones (cream)

Expand your horizons and also reach new heights with this soft, pastel taupe nail polish with yellow undertones.

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