Essie Midsummer Collection Swatch & Review – Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie Midsummer Collection Swatch & Review – Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie Midsummer Collection Swatch & Review – Essie Nail Polish Review

Essie has just released a new 6-shade nail polish collection called! Essie Midsummer Collection. The new limited-edition Midsummer Nail Polish Collection is inspired by summer days. This features 6 unique floral-inspired nail colors.

You can now buy this from the Essie site. It’s available now. so go and check out. Also, you can find many beautiful different shades there.

Here is the name of shades-

  • Everything’s Rosy (soft petal pink)
  • Blossoms n’ Besties (candy pink)
  • Sway in Crochet (powder blue)
  • Feelin’ Poppy (poppy red)
  • Ruffle Your Petals (soft lilac)
  • Come On Clover (stem green)

“Essie’s Introducing new Essie midsummer 2020 collection. This is Inspired by a playful midsummer afternoon spent. frolicking in the blooming fields and also with your besties which leaves you feelin’ poppy.”

Essie’s limited edition midsummer 2020 collection is a range of six bright nail polish shades. That captures the bright vibrancy and also excitement of a midsummer afternoon. This exclusive easy glide brush for quick, even professional application on nails. For more information about the product, you can check the official Essie site. I love these products, and I hope you do too.

How to use-

  • Apply one coat of any of our Essie base coats on nails.
  • Follow with two coats of Essie’s original color.
  • Finish with any one of our Essie topcoats.

Everything’s Rosy-



All things rosy when you have this soft pink nail polish with yellow undertones at your fingertips. The shade exactly looks like a creamy shade. You can apply this with a dark color dress and also if you are a college girl. You can apply there too.

Blossoms n’ Besties-

ESSIE-Midsummer-2020-blossoms n'-besties

Grab your bestie and frolic through the blossoms in this midtown hot pink nail polish. The shade looks so beautiful and creamy pink. I really like this shade. It’s new and refreshing.

Sway in Crochet


This Sway to the rhythm of the music. with this milky pastel blue nail polish you’ll always be on beat. I never tried these types of colors. because my skin tone is a little bit of a wheat complexion. But it would be a pleasure for me to try this shade. I really hope you try this shade once.

Feelin’ Poppy


This vibrant orange-red nail polish is just the thing you need to add a pop to your step! It’s a combination of orange and red color with a creamy touch.

Ruffle your Petals


Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle. This soft creamy lilac nail polish is everything our midsummer dreams are made of. Its look like a white shade. 

Come on Clover


It’s time for a celebration so come on over. This vivid green nail polish with yellow undertones is the perfect shade for a celebratory twist. The polish is beautiful. The color looks so natural and creamy. It represents nature. 

I hope You Like all these shades. Its soft and snowy shades. That’s it for today. Thank you for reading my blog. If you Love Today’s blog don’t forget to like and share and also follow me on Instagram and Pin for new updates.

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