Essie Expressie Speed Of Life Collection Quick-Dry Nail Polish Is Here

Essie Expressie Speed Of Life Collection Quick-Dry Nail Polish Is Here

Essie Expressie Speed Of Life Collection Quick-Dry Nail Polish Is Here

The new Essie Expressie nail polish Speed Of Life Collection is going to launch. When it comes to amazing nail shades collection. Essie never disappoints nail polish lovers. Essie officially arrived at retailers on Oct 27, bringing with it seven gorgeous new shades.

About the Product-

  • Essie’s limited edition expressie speed of life collection is a range of ten nail polish shades, curated to seamlessly take you from one season to the next.
  • Expressie, by Essie, is our quick-dry on-the-fly nail polish.
  • One-step color and shine formula dry in about a minute so you can grab, apply, and dry on the fly.
  • First-ever angled brush for easy self-application with both hands, including your non-dominant hand
  • Expressie is an 8-free, vegan formula, formulated without the following ingredients: toluene and formaldehyde, and many more.
  • Express yourself with a range of unconventional, trans-seasonal fast drying nail polish colors.
Here is full Info About Products…

Expresso Double Shot-


Like a dose of caffeinated goodness. This smoky, gray-brown quick-dry nail polish instantly amps up any mani.

High energy, low stress



on-the-go but also down low – we’re all about those high energy, low stress vibes with this deep, brick red nail polish that delivers quick-drying drama.

So matcha energy


need a boost? this blue-green quick-dry nail polish gives your mani so matcha energy.

Energized & wise-

ESSIE-expressie-energized-wise-front 4

stay energized & wise with this peachy nude nail polish that dries on the fly.

Re-charge to take charge


Re-charge to take charge by giving yourself a mani that dries in about a minute with this grayish-blue nail polish.

Clock in


The only reason you clock in? so you can clock out and get a mani with this cool, white-gray quick-dry nail polish.


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