Essie Expressie FX Quick-Dry Nail Polish Top Coat Set
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Essie Expressie FX Quick-Dry Nail Polish Top Coat Set

Essie Expressie FX Quick-Dry Nail Polish Top Coat Set

Essie Expressie FX (top coat) is Essie’s new range of quick-drying nail polishes by Essie. The shade range is just as lovely as the regular Essie line and this formula is supposed to quickly dry top coats. The formula for all the polish is smooth, bubble-free, non-streaky, and also completely opaque in 1 or 2 coats. There is one polish Called holo fx, is come with glitter touch.  Which is most favorite of mine. Overall, I found the formula to be pretty similar to the Essie Expressie Quick, but these do dry within a minute and the opacity was a tad better so some of them are even one coater.

When it comes to the amazing nail shades collection, Essie never disappoints nail polish lovers. Essie officially arrived at retailers in July, bringing with it seven gorgeous new shades. I really love all these expressie FX polish shades. I don’t have full info about these products right now. But after I found it will update this. tell then wait… 

Expressie FX (top coat) INFO

Essie Expressie FX Quick-Dry Nail Polish Top Coat Set

get maximum expression with minimum effort using the expressie FX by Essie quick dry top coats. discover four unique formulas with infinite possibilities: oil slick FX, 24k gold FX, holo FX, and iced out FX. swipe these salon-inspired top coats over any expressie polish for a leveled-up look, or use them on bare nails to create a custom, negative-space effect.

8-free vegan formula: without formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, triphenyl phosphate, and animal-derived ingredients.

angle brush down on clean nail bed; apply two coats of any expressie color using the dominant hand. flip and angle brush down using a nondominant hand. apply two coats of color. let dry for about a minute.

Quick dry nail polish- our fast-drying color and shine formula dries in about a minute.

Get maximum expression with minimum effort by pairing any expressie quick dry nail color shade with expressie FX quick dry top coats to instantly transform your manicure.

About Product-

  • Essie’s limited edition expressie FX collection is a range of ten nail polish shades, curated to seamlessly take you from one season to the next.
  • Expressie, by Essie, is our quick-dry on-the-fly nail polish.
  • One-step color and also shine formula dry in about a minute so you can apply and dry on the fly.
  • First-ever angled brush for easy self-application with both hands, including your non-dominant hand
  • Expressie is an 8-free, vegan formula, formulated without the following ingredients: toluene and formaldehyde, and many more.
  • Express yourself with a range of unconventional, trans-seasonal fast-drying nail polish colors.
Key benefits:
  • A deep purple fast-drying nail polish with blue undertones and a shimmer finish
  • Fast-drying one-step color and shine formula that dries in about a minute
  • Essie’s first-ever angled brush for self-application on both hands
  • Unconventional, trans-seasonal, and also fast-drying nail polish c

Angle brush down on clean nail bed, apply two coats of nail polish using the dominant hand, flip and angle brush down.

Precautions: Key away from heat or flame.

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