Easy Nail Art Design Ideas Pics- 40 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Easy Nail Art Design Ideas Pics- 40 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Easy Nail Art Design Ideas Pics- 40 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Easy Nail Art Design– Nail art is one of the best things that affect the beauty of your appearance. You can also make your nails attractive by making an easy nail design. Just like you, I too do not have complete knowledge about art. But if you are also interested in it, Then you can make these simple nail arts. It is very easy to make them.

Here, you will find some simple nail designs that you can do yourself. Moreover, your nails will look more fun and playful than ever!

but before that, I want to clear something… There are so many amazing simple nail art designs, who created by amazing nail art artists. first of all, I want to give all credit to all the nail art design creators who create these designs. Thank you so much for these amazing nail art designs…

Simple And Easy Nail Art Design-

Give your nails a little bit of colorful spunk just by sitting at home with our easy-to-make nail art collection for beginners.

Simple Light Shade Nails-

nail art designs

Just Like This, By coloring your nails with different colors, you can also give it an unattractive look. This type of design is very popular nowadays. So what are you waiting for! try out this now…

Pink Berry dot design-


just a small doting you can create this amazing berry look nail art. It is very easy to create. For this, you need two colors and just prepare your posture nail ideas.

Geometric designs-



You can play with different geometric figures and get chicer, subtler, and really cool nails. Feel free to experiment and get creative with squares, triangles, and circles.

Doting Design-


doting nail design

dot nail art


Polka dots nail design is one of the easiest nail art for beginners. It is very easy to create.
If you are making nail art for the first time, then you can make this kind of design. I also did posture nail design in a similar way for the first time


I-Line Pattern-


As you can see, it is very easy to see the design. Such a simple design is very much in practice these days. This would be a great choice for a woman working in an office.

Simple Nail look-


just use some light colors of polish and create this amazing design just a few seconds. Am I Righ?

Polka Pattern-



nail art design

simple and easy nail art designs

simple easy nail art design

Polka dots are timeless classics whether on clothes, shoes, or nails. This is the most popular nail art design for day wear as well as evening parties.

Colorful Nails-

simple nail art design

nail art

If you are fond of colors, then this design is specially made for you. It is quite famous in Adults Girls these days. I personally love this nail look. It looks classy.

Half And Half two-color manicure-

easy nail art design

To give a new twist to the old and usual manicure try a simple half and half two-color manicure. It’s simple and easy yet classy and appealing.

Light Shade Nails-

simple and easy nail art design

Just Like This, By coloring your nails with light shade, you can give it an unattractive look. This type of nail color is very popular nowadays. So what are you waiting for! try out this now…

Half Sun Design-

binder ring nail art

Half-sun nail art is the perfect option if you are looking for a chic, retro look for the nails. Girls with long oval nails will love this mani on their hands.

Simple Design-

line dot nail art

heat nail art

nail art designs

As you can see, These are very easy designs to create your nail. Use a simple hairpin air stick and create this design.

Black And White –




simple pink nail art

stone nail art

White Soft Simple Design-

simple design nail



Yellow And White Touch-


Star Sticker-

simple cute nail art design

I really love these designs… it looks classy simple and bold.

40 Easy Nail Art Designs for Beginners - Simple Nail Art Design

That’s it for today!! I really hope so, you enjoyed all these different types of simple and easy nail-art designs. So, which one of these designs is, you would love to wear? Do leave us a comment below. And yes don’t forget to like share…

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