Easy And Simple Christmas Nail Art design Ideas For Short Nails

Easy And Simple Christmas Nail Art design Ideas For Short Nails

Easy And Simple Christmas Nail Art design Ideas For Short Nails

Christmas (nail) is the best time of year to enjoy the festivities. The holiday season is a time where fashion and beauty become fun and glitter. An easy way to give your look a festive look try is with nail art. There are numberless ways to show off your personal style and creativity for Christmas. Not only are your choices in clothes essential to keep you looking ready for the holiday. But your nails can become a lovely highlight for the season.

There is an easy Christmas nail art design for short nails… everyone, take a look and find you’re favorite. Here are some Festive Easy Christmas “Nail Art ideas” that will surely give you a Christmas season cheerful this year. Find manicure design inspiration that highlights every symbol of the season.

Simple And Easy Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas-

Those red and green stripes that make up the candy cane design are so symbolic of Christmas yet we often forget about this simple, classic design when we look for Christmas nail designs.

christmas nails art design


Sometimes you just need to go cute and what cuter than this adorable reindeer design? Pick your favorite nail and make that one your feature nail, or go all-out and have each one differently festive-themed like you can see here. Who cares if you can’t pick your favorite – have them all!

christmas 2019 nail art design

Very Easy Christmas Design-

Go for Christmas nail art in traditional holiday colors white and red. These colors match one another perfectly, giving you plenty of nail design combinations. It is time to allow your mani to look it’s absolute best.

christmas 2021 nail art design


See… I told you simplicity was great! Another great and simple look, the blacktip is easy enough to recreate yourself, and the Christmas tree-shape might take a few shots but practice makes perfect. Add those random red and white over the top and what do you have? Five-minute festive nails!

christmas 2020 nail art design


In order to keep your festive nails for longer, always make sure you add a base coat before applying any designs. This will give the polish something to stick to, and when you apply a top coat too, it seals in your finished masterpiece giving you chip-free nails for longer.

nail art for festive season


Christmas nail art is so jolly and bright, and it is also a great way to Christmas-if yourself, especially for those who don’t want to wear a costume in traditional colors. Santa’s hat, Christmas tree, snowflakes, glitter.

red and silver christmas nail art designs


easy and simple nail art designs for christmas

easy christmas nail art


simple christmas nail design


Remember I said that red was the best festive base color you could go for? Well, this nail design is a classic example of why. You can add a festive red glitter topcoat to keep things simple. You could also add a green gem embellishment to add a little something extra. If you wanted to take things even further, you could always steal that Santa Claus suit you painted in the first design in this post on one feature nail.

simple christmas nail design

simple design


If you’ve already got a French manicure and you only have a few minutes to jazz up your nails, the easiest thing you can do is add a touch of snow. In fact, just like the red base coat I suggested, I would highly recommend you always have a nail polish top coat to hand. It’s amazing how instantly revamped these classic nails are with the addition of some simple, and the mistletoe is once again a little added extra!

christmas nail design easy and simple

So, these are some amazing EASY Christmas nail art designs for short nails. hope you love this. If you find this article helpful please don’t forget to share my post and also follow me on Instagram for new updates.

easy christmas nail art design ideas

Thank you for reading my article and have a great day/night!


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