DIY Remove Nail polish Without Nail Polish Remover At Home

DIY Remove Nail polish Without Nail Polish Remover At Home

DIY Remove Nail polish Without Nail Polish Remover At Home

DIY Remove Nail polish- I love applying nail polish since I was in school. But, when those tips begin to chip and the paint starts to peel. It’s time to clear away the mess. And guess what? I have been using nail polish remover to clean my nails. But nail polish removal makes my nails dry and yellow. And then I decided, I am not gonna use this anymore. Instead, I’ve turned to basics in my kitchen as I discover natural ways to remove nail polish. Removing nail polish with natural tips is the best idea I guess. And today I am gonna tell you some of my favorite tips to remove nail polish naturally (DIY).

Before starting any of the below removal processes, soak your nails in some warm water. Water will expand your nail bed. This can help loosen the polish and prime your nails for one of the alternative removal methods.

Ways to Remove Nail Polish Without Nail Polish Remover (DIY)


Ling Lin says that plain lemon can remove nail polish, too. Place a slice or lemon juice on your nails and let it sit until your polish softens, before rubbing it off.

Hot water and soap-

When that nail color has to come off, go scrub some dishes with hot, sudsy water. Prolonged soaking in hot water with a dish detergent present is sometimes all it takes to finish off that chipped manicure.


Soak your fingertips in a shallow dish of vodka to soften the polish. Be sure the liquor is deep enough to reach just over the cuticles. After a few minutes, use a soft washcloth to wipe away the nail color.


The myth that hairspray works to remove nail polish is true,” says Boyce. “But it has to be aerosol hairspray. Saturate a cotton ball or cotton pad with hair spray and wrap the cotton on your nail.” Boyce also adds that this tactic is particularly useful if you have a spill. The hairspray will lift the polish out of the carpet or fabric without discoloring it.


A common ingredient in paste products is baking soda, which is also known as sodium bicarbonate. This mild abrasive helps to remove plaque from our teeth while brushing. It can also cleanse your nails. Use a soft nail brush to massage toothpaste into your nail beds and loosen the polish. Then, rinse with warm water as you peel away the polish.

Soy-Based Removers-

Soy is becoming the preferred ingredient in the creation of non-acetate nail polish removers. The premise of soy-based removers, as well as the other proposed solutions, is to soften the nail polish, says Ling Lin. Acetone, she explains, is a solvent that dissolves polish. Soy-based removers, like the one developed by Dear Sundays ($22.40,, will not react as quickly but are a gentler option. You may need to wait up to 45 seconds after applying soy-based remover before you can scrub your nails with a cotton pad.

Hydrogen peroxide-

This common cleanser used for cuts and scrapes can also help to wash away that old manicure. In a shallow bowl, mix two parts of very warm water with one part of hydrogen peroxide. Then, let your fingertips soak. After a few minutes, use a file to buff away the softened polish.

All right!! So these are some tips at home. I hope you liked today’s blog. If You have any questions about nails related comment below and ask…

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