8 Best Natural Nail Polish Remover DIY

8 Best Natural Nail Polish Remover DIY

8 Best Natural Nail Polish Remover DIY

Nail Polish Remover – Applying nail polish is a very easy process but removing them is not. Imagine you are going to a party. Suddenly you realize your nails with chipped nail polish. And interestingly, these are often the moments when you realize that you have run out of nail polish removers. But you don’t need to worry about it because I am here to help you. I am gonna share it with you The easy-to-use homemade nail polish removers have simple, non-toxic recipes and are healthier, safer, and cheaper than the regular ones. So, swipe up to explore them!

But Before I wanna clear up something, All these DIYs I share here are not mine. All credit goes to there right full owners and the websites, where I read them.

DIY Ideas For Nail Polish Remover

8 Best Natural Nail Polish Remover DIY


If you do not have a nail polish remover you can use vodka. Soak your nails in a shallow dish of vodka to soften the polish. Be sure the liquor is deep enough to reach just over the cuticles. After a few minutes, use a soft washcloth to wipe away the nail color. And last but not least wash your hand properly. Because Vodka is an alcohol and it can dry out your nails and skin.


Ling Lin says that plain lemon can remove nail polish, too. Place a slice of lemon juice on your nails and let it sit until your polish softens, before rubbing it off.

Hot water and soap-

When that nail color has to come off, go scrub some dishes with hot, sudsy water. Prolonged soaking in hot water with a dish detergent present is sometimes all it takes to finish off that chipped manicure.

Hand Sanitizer-

First, open up the bottle and apply it onto the cotton pad then rub the product into the same as you would good perfume. Then again repeat this step until the polish has completely gone.


For this trick, you need perfume or body spray and a paper towel or cotton pad. First, spray the perfume into the cotton pad or paper towel. For this always better to do outside because it can be overpowering always also make sure you are not allergic to this before using it. Then wipe the paper towel over the nail to remove the nail polish. Make sure to Wipe this until the polish is completely gone.

Hydrogen peroxide:

This common cleanser used for cuts and scrapes can also help to wash away that old manicure. In a shallow bowl, mix two parts of very warm water with one part of hydrogen peroxide. Then, let your fingertips soak. After a few minutes, use a file to buff away the softened polish.


Actually, I personally don’t know if this trick actually works or not  :). All you need to do for this hack is rub a little bit of toothpaste on your nails with an old toothbrush. The paste contains ethyl acetate which is also present in the polish remover.


Hairsprays that contain rubbing alcohol are the next best alternative to a nail polish remover. You can get rid of chipped nail polish with the help of a hairspray by taking a cotton ball and placing it in direct contact with the nozzle of your hair spray and then simply swiping the cotton ball over your nails. Repeat until it comes off completely. Wash your hands thoroughly and apply a generous amount of moisturizer afterward.

So yaa~ These are the best and most popular Diys for removing nail polish at home recipes. I really hope you enjoyed today’s article. if you have any questions just comment below. and also have any other ideas please share them with us. 

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