How To DIY Nail Polish - 4 Step for DIY Nail Polish

How To DIY Nail Polish – 4 Step for DIY Nail Polish

How To DIY Nail Polish - 4 Step for DIY Nail Polish

Who doesn’t like nail polish? Everyone wants to glow their nails through colors. And Making nail polish your own hands is a special experience in itself.  Yep, you read that correctly. You can easily create your own Nail Polish (DIY) with a little bit of clear nail polish and eye-shadow. This blog will teach you how to make your own nail polish colors using eye-shadow and glitter.

It’s an amazing way to get custom nail polish colors, you couldn’t get otherwise. And I love the way this nail polish goes on. It’s much more matte and shimmer than regular nail polish.

One more special thing, this blog will tell you with the help of transparent nail polish and eyeshadow how you can make your own color polish of your choice. Not how to make nail polish. I hope you understood what I am trying to say…

Anyway, Let’s see how to create your favorite nail polish Color (DIY)


Here Is a List Of What You Need For This-

  • Eye-shadow
  • Clear Nail Polish (Base Coat or Top Coat)
  • Cuticle Pusher
1- Empty Out Some of the Clean Polish-

transparant nail polish for make own nail polish at home


Step 1 is very important so listen carefully 🙂

You need to start by pouring out some of the polish to make some room for adding the eyeshadow later.

I recommend you to use a formula like Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour. The formula comes in a clear bottle, so it’s easy to see how the color is coming out as you add the eyeshadow in the next few steps.

If you’ve used your clear polish a few times and have some room at the top, then there’s no need to perform this step.

2- Crush Eyeshadow-

Crush up the eyeshadow until it forms a fine powder, eliminating any large clumps.

Pressed eyeshadows will come apart fairly easily, so there’s no need to use excessive force.

3- Pour the Crushed Eyeshadow into Your Clear Nail Polish-

After your eyeshadow is crushed to a fine powder, you can use the same cuticle pusher from step one as a mini shovel to scoop the powder into the nail polish.

The amount of eyeshadow you add to your polish is completely up to you.

The more nail polish you add, the more opaque your DIY formula will be.

4- Shake bottle and mix your DIY Nail Polish-

This part is quite important. For this, shake the bottle well so that your nail polish can be prepared.

Your formula should mix in just a couple of seconds.

GREAT…You officially have your very own DIY nail polish.



how to diy nail polish


As you know, this is a nail polish made by you. Which you made with eyeshadow. So it will not be like normal nail polish. You can only apply it at home. Because after a few minutes of applying the eyeshadow on nails mixed will start to disappear. Because Eyeshadow is just a powder. So keep this thing in your mind and use it.

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