Create Nails Designs With Easy Way at Home

Create Nails Designs With Easy Way at Home

Create Nails Designs With Easy Way at Home

Create nails Designs- Women and girls of all ages love nail art. Experimenting with different nail colors and designs is a great way to sport attractive nails. Creating unique nail art is like touching the sky. But a simple nail art design can make us happy if you are a beginner just like me. I am not a professional nail artist or a great creator but I love doing nail art. And you know we can easily do nail art with just a simple nail color and also some nail stickers. today I am gonna tell you some simple nail tricks that you can use it. and create by own your simple and professional style nail designs.

There are various nail arts available for different looks. Nail art is for all, from simple, elegant designs to playful, funky ones. There is nail art for all lengths of nails — short, medium, or long. In addition, you could do several easy nail art designs alone at home without prior expertise.

Create Nails Designs At Home-

Flower Sticker Nail Design-

If you are a beginner artist this one is for you. You need two elements for creating this design. First nude, transparent nail polish, and also second nail sticker.

First, apply one and two coats of nude nail polish and also let them dry.

Second, stick the nail sticker into it. and also press it tightly.

and in the last apply transparent nail polish.

Pink Nail Art-

First of all, apply a white coat of nail polish. Now apply the pink color in half.

First of all, apply a white coat of nail polish.

Next use Stripping Roll Tape to divide into this two-part. 

Apply the pink color in half.

DIY Water Marble Nail Art Red And White-


First Start out by cleaning your nails & prepping with a base coat.

Use Enigma as your base color.

Now Create a bullseye in the cup with all 3 colors.

Draw in the design with your tool.

Dip your nail into the design.

Clean the top of the water.

Slowly pull your nail out.

Remove tape.

Clean up around the edges.

Finish the design with a top coat.

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