Color Street Nail Strips- Tips To Getting a Perfect Color Street Manicure

Color Street Nail Strips- Tips To Getting a Perfect Color Street Manicure

Color Street Nail Strips- Tips To Getting a Perfect Color Street Manicure

Color Street is a brand of nail polish strips that apply with no heat and easy to dry. You can use them on your fingers and your toes nails. In an easy way, We can also call it a nail sticker. I know when you’re using Color Street for the first time you might be thinking “I hope I can do this right”. “Will it really be as easy as they say it is??” And hoping you don’t make a mistake. So I wanted to give you some tips for getting amazing colored street manicures.

Color Street Application-

Keeping your strips at room temperature. It’s very important to store your Color street sets in the right conditions. They can’t be too hot or cold. Make sure to store in a dry area out of the sun. If they are too cold they will be harder to apply and might end up cracking.

Whether cold, try holding them in your hands to warm them up. If too hot, let them sit in the house for a few hours to cold down to room temperature. You can tell then they are too hot by their gooey texture. It’s best to keep them in a drawer.

Color street how to apply-

First Wash your hands Before applying Color Street. Nail Strips make sure you’ve washed your hands first. This will ensure that any excess oils on your hands are removed. Your nail strips won’t last as long if applied to oily/dirty nails. It’s best to use an oil-dissolving soap if you can, but not necessary.

Push back your cuticles. Do this step after washing your hands. It helps soften up the cuticles and makes it easier to push them back. You can use an orange stick to push by your cuticles. By not pushing back your cuticles the nail strip can potentially be placed on top causing it to lift as your nail starts to grow. Which in turn can cause the strip to chip once your nail starts to grow out. It can also start getting caught in your hair when you run your hands through it!

Do your thumbs last. Since Color Street Nail Strips are 100% polish they are soft and flexible and you only really need your thumb as a tool. So start with your pinky and work your way through each nail, saving your thumbs for last.

Apply before bed. Although you apply Color Street strips dry, there is still a “curing” process. It takes about 30-ish minutes to fully harden. When you do them before bed they are allowed to harden overnight and not be exposed to any harsh activities.

Application Tips-


Use rubbing alcohol before and after application. All Color Street sets come with two alcohol prep pads but you can use any rubbing alcohol in your house! Using it before application removes any oil that may have been missed by washing your hands. Using the alcohol once applied ensures that the nail strip is properly sealed.

Use clear as day. Color-Street has a set called “clear as day” which is a clear strip. I highly recommend this step when using solid colors (or you can double them).  Anytime I use clear as day as a top coat all my sets last even longer.

Do not open unit you’re ready to apply. Since Color Street is 100% polish it will dry out. Make sure to not open the plastic until you are ready to apply.

Do a mani and Pedi to save on waste. Color Street is meant for one-time use. So do a mani and Pedi with one set so you’re using all the strips. Or have a friend come over and do your nails together! I personally do a mani, Pedi and still am able to do my 5-year-old daughter’s nails.

Practice with a sample first. If you’ve never tried Color Street before contacting me for a sample. It’s best to try a sample so you get the hang of it first.

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