Cartoon Pop Art Nails Art Design Ideas Pictures

Cartoon Pop Art Nails Art Design Ideas Pictures

Cartoon Pop Art Nails Art Design Ideas Pictures

Cartoon nails provide a three-dimensional effect with a one-dimensional finish. “It’s a fun take on pop art for the nails,” Gerstein explains. “The coolest thing is that it’s on a human hand. So it gives it a different dimension. The cartoon appears to pop off the hand.” 

Here’s something that you loved doing through your childhood and (for many in adulthood, too). Reading a comic book, we mean. And now that fun gets a stylish stamp, as it makes for a cool wear to wear your nails. that In a trend that is going viral, people are flaunting cartoon nail art, straight out of comic books. It looks great with denims and pastels and we suggest you try solid designs with your dresses and tops, too. Here’s why comic book nails are totally blowing up on Instagram.

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Pop art cartoon nails are zany with everything from a 3-D effect to 2D French manicures, speech bubbles and punctuation marks like exclamations, dots and dashes, just like you see in comic book pages. The colours can be both ends of the spectrum, from neon and bright hues to pastels and neutrals in beige and lavender.

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Nail art lovers are totally flooding the scene with the designs. We suggest you start with a basic look and also graduate to more elaborate designs. To begin, first paint your nails with a base coat. Once they dry, paint them with a black gel nail colour for a shadowy outline (you can also use a darker shade form the same family). Use a thin nail art to create drawings. Add white lines to make for low lights, the top coat, and also you’re all set!

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