420 Nail Art Design & Ideas Pictures - Weed Inspire Nails

420 Nail Art Design & Ideas Pictures – Weed Inspire Nails

420 Nail Art Design & Ideas Pictures - Weed Inspire Nails

Nails can be a canvas to show off pretty much anything you love. Whether it’s a design, a holiday, a sports team, or just all glitter everything. But creative Nail-art has gone a step further — with a new trend — weed nail art. It’s pretty much the perfect way to tell the world you’re 420 friendly. You’re the kind of chick that can roll a blunt with stiletto nails better than anyone you know. Much like rolling a blunt, not everyone can do justice to 420 nail art. This list of 420 nails and also rasta nails ideas will help you get it right and make you look like a cannabis queen.

If you are Looking for something to spice up your style? You’ve come to the right place!

420 Nails Ideas Pictures-

Glitter 420 Nails-

If you want to be blunt these 420 nails are just that. The glitter and pot leaf nail decals against the black gel are a nice touch too.

fancy nail art 2022

420 nail art ideas pictures

Smoke 420 nails

If you want some pot leaf nail decals for the next time you go to the nail salon or paint your nails at home these ones are just the right size. The set includes 80 leaves per sheet so you’ll be golden for a long time!


nail art designs for 2022

420 nails ideas picture fancynailart.com

nail art pictures 2022

Bob Marley Rasta Nails-

These rasta nails are stunning. Inspired by Bob Marley, these rasta-colored nails feature gold pot leaves and a colorful foil. The pinky nail has an elegant rasta stripe and the set alternates nicely against the black gel.

420 Nails pictures

Palm Tree Rasta Nails-

These rasta short nails are a combination of all the best elements of 420 nail art. They have tie-dye, palm tree, glitter, and also stripe accents all in rasta theme.

420 Nails & Rasta Nails Idea

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