Give Your Nail a Perfect Shape With 10 Simple Step - How To Shape Nails

Give Your Nail a Perfect Shape With 10 Simple Step – How To Shape Nails

Give Your Nail a Perfect Shape With 10 Simple Step - How To Shape Nails
How To Shape Nails?

Giving the perfect shape of your nails at home is not easy to do as you think… But it also has many advantages. You will have difficulty going out in this lock-down. So in this situation, It’s beneficial to do manicure at home. You can give good nail health right at home by shaping your nails to keep them healthy. If your nails are cut to the right shape, then they didn’t break easily.

How to Shape Nails At Home Step By Step?

1- To give nails your good shape and file you’re nailing, make sure to clean it. For this, clean your hands with the help of soap.

2- Make sure that your hands are completely dry before you begin. The liquid can dehydrate nails and make them more prone to breaking while filing.

3- Now choose a perfect nail file.

4- Now choose which nail shape you want to do. There are many nail shapes. But the most basic shape is an oval and almond. Deciding what your preference is and what kind of nails you have.

5- If your nails are very long cut them down taking into consideration the nail shape you want.


For example. If you want a squared shape, you shouldn’t cut your nail much. If you want oval shape nails cut them a little shorter.

6- Now hold the file parallel to the side of the nail when beginning your filing. This will prevent breakage. Be sure to not file too far the side of your nails.

When filling your nail from the side to the center, you should always hold the nail file perpendicular to the tip of the nail.  Filing at an angle from above can cause the nails to thin.

7- Now remove any nail filling still attached to the nail. Also, Buff your nails. This will help show off your newly shaped nails.

8- Apply cuticle oil and moisturizer on your nails. Applying cuticle oils to your nails and keep your hands moisturized to ensure healthy nails.

9- Every time you wash your hands, you should apply cuticle oil and moisturizer. Keeping your cuticles moisturized will help prevent hangnails.

10- File your nails every couple of weeks. Filing your nails too frequently can damage them as they won’t have time to grow properly.

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