How to Fix A Broken Nails - 3 Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

How to Fix A Broken Nails – 3 Ways to Fix a Broken Nails

How to Fix A Broken Nails - 3 Ways to Fix a Broken Nail

Broken Nails- A broken nail is the worst thing that can happen on your wedding morning and party night. In my personal opinion, Broken Nails is a big issue for girls. It’s the bane of every woman’s existence. At some point, most women have experienced it.

You can easily fix it. Fortunately! We’ve got an easy trick to fixing your nail.

Try these Tips… and fix your nail easily.

How To Fix A Broken Nails –

There are many different ways to repair your broken nail. Below, We have a few of the ways to repair it.

  • Fix Your Nail With Tea-Bag
  • Fixing with Fake Nails
  • The Gel Silk Method

How to Fix A Broken Nails -

Fix Your Nail With Tea-Bag:

The tea bag is one of the most popular and easier ways to fix broken nails. As I know about this, It’s a great trick if you have a large break or crack.

First, start with clean, polish-free nails.

Cut the tea bag to the length and width to cover the crack or break in your nail.

Now, Cover the crack or break with a little bit of nail glue.

OK… Carefully, perhaps using tweezers, place the teabag over the crack or break.

After this, Allow it to dry completely.

Using a buffer, gently smooth out the surface of the nail.

After the clear polish has dried you can polish with the color of your choice to camouflage the teabag.

Fixing with Fake Nails-

Fixing with Fake Nails

For me, This is one of the easiest ways to fix broken nails. In my opinion, I personally prefer you to do this method. It’s really very easy. This tutorial will show you how to rock a full fake nail and make it look naturally beautiful.

Again, Start with clean, polish-free nails.

Smoothly brush on nail glue over the entire surface of your nail.

Now Press the acrylic nail over your nail, covering the entire surface.

Allow drying. Polish and paint as usual.

The Gel Silk Method-

The Gel Silk Method


The first thing to do is to remove the polish you’re currently wearing.

Clean the affected nail with rubbing alcohol.

Now, Lay the silk strip over your nail starting at the nail bed.

Brush on nail glue over the top of the silk strip, covering the nail completely.

Now, Dip your nail into the nail powder provided in the kit.

After this, Gently brush away excess nail powder.

Now… Repeat these steps 4 through 6.

Cutaway any excess silk wrap that hangs off of the end of your nail.

File your nail to the desired shape.

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