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6 Steps To Dry Nail Polish Quickly – How To Dry Nail Polish Fast

HACKS | 4 easy ways to dry nail polish quickly | How to Dry Nail Polish fast |

Do you also take 20-30 minutes to dry nail polish like me? seriously girls Drying nail polish is more difficult than applying nail polish 🙂 There are also many nail polish that takes more than 20-30 minutes to dry. just like me, Are you tired of sitting around and waiting for your nails to dry, well today I am going to share with some different way that you can quickly dry that beautiful manicure of yours.

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How To Dry Nail Polish Fast:

Nail Polish Quick Dry Machine:

dry nail polish machine

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If you are a party lover and love to apply different nail paints like me, then you must buy this this dries nail paints in just a few seconds. This device comes with 1 USB cable, use easily and works well. Although its price is a little high. otherwise, the product is useful. Very easy to use and easy to carry. Light in weight. There is a two-timing function inside, short press is work for 45 seconds and the long press is work for 60 seconds. Automatically turn off the light after the nail polish dry. The pink color looks so beautiful. Best product for those who always use the nail polish in a hurry.

Drip-Dry Nail Polish Drops:

Orly Flash Dry Drops

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The drop is very easy to use, And they dried instantly. I’m not talking like squishy dry, or almost totally dry but can still get dents and marks on your nails… They were all totally dry! I have used a variety of different brand dry drops but Orly Flash Dry Drops have quickly become my favorite. Not only does my paint dry quickly but it also keeps more shine than other brands I have used. Most of the time my nails end up dull or matte looking but this product retains the shine.

Fastest Dryer Nail Polish Coat:

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And the third product who can easily dry your nail polish is, Coat Me Bonjour Paris Satin Matte Finish Long-Lasting Nail Polish. Although its price is a little high. otherwise, the product is useful. You just have to take transparent nail polish of this company. After that, after applying any of your ordinary nail polish, apply a layer on top of this nail polish. It is also available in many colors, You can buy them if you want. 

Nail Polish Dry Faster (Home Tips)

How To Dry Nail Polish Fast Hairspray:

how to dry nail polish fast hairspray
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After you’ve painted your nails, use a little hairspray to help them dry faster, hairspray can actually speed up the drying process when nails with two coats of your favorite polish. “Hair spray can be applied to nails to help your manicure set faster. if you don’t believe this try these tips once.

Small Tips: 

Use cold ice water for dry your nail paint quickly:

This is an amazing trick for makes your nail polish dry. you just need to add an ice cube or two and set the bowl near where you’ll be painting your nails. Then dip your nails in the cold water and hold them there for about 4-5 minutes. make sure to use only ice cube water to dry your manicure, not cold water.

Use a blow dryer: 

You can also use a blow dryer, select cold air setting the mood to help them dry faster, the dryer can actually speed up the drying process when nails with two coats of your favorite polish. Make sure you don’t use a heat setting for dry you nail polish because your nail polish can become a bubble after using a heat setting. so be care full.

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